Stores like Baltic Born

In this article, we will see Stores like Baltic Born.

The topics raised in our generation center around women’s empowerment and speaking up. People invest their time, money, and platforms in anything done to uplift women. Companies sponsor campaigns designed to make women feel confident. Equality, confidence, strength, beauty, courage, endurance, and many more are the attributes that constitute a woman.

Stores like Baltic Born

Baltic Born is a company owned by three confident women who are sisters. It operates stores that hold comfortable clothing pieces for women, regardless of body shape or size. Although the company upholds the Scandinavian style, women from different parts of the world can rock these dresses and feel very beautiful. Society has suppressed the female gender for a long time, shutting the women up when they try to speak up. Now, women are gradually taking their positions, so Baltic Born stores sell comfortable female pieces.

Clothing Stores like Baltic Born


Anthropologie is a clothing retailer with over 190 stores across the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. It also branched into selling accessories and other beauty stuff like jewelry, home furniture, and decoration. Anthropologie focuses on grown-up women and supports their styles, giving them various clothing choices. It launched a clothing line for plus-sized women in 2019, showing support for women empowerment, no matter the size, shape, or color.

Since Anthropologie sells casual and comfortable dresses on the go, they operate an online store where customers can shop for clothes and other accessories. Customers can buy beauty pieces and get up to 50% return on their women’s clothing purchase and 30% return for in-stock furniture purchases. Although Anthropologie caters to affluent women (expensive pieces), its elegant collections might make customers overlook affordability. Its stores give a fantastic shopping experience with beautiful settings, soft music, and dreamy lights.


Lulus is a top-class clothing design and retail company that runs most of its operations online. Its investment in the quality fabric makes its style productive and leaves it high on demand. Although Lulus says it sells affordable luxury, reviews tell otherwise, as stocks are pretty expensive. If you look at its modern, sophisticated styles, the prices might be worth it, considering the quality designs and finishes. Lulus has a fulfillment outlet where customers can pick up items after online purchases. 

Customers can also find Lulu’s stocks in clothing stores delivering quality designs nationwide. Lulus has a vast collection of vintage apparel, shoes, and accessories. International customers can order supplies online (tax and shipping fee included) and get them within the time allocated. Lulus outlet sore is in Pennsylvania, while its headquarters are in California. Since the brand is profit-based, Lulus has excellent communication with its customers to give them the best experience.

It provides luxury fashion for women of all ethnicities, sizes, and styles. Lulus has continued to support women empowerment, recruiting models to showcase confidence in various outfits.


Nordstrom is one of the oldest clothing stores, still thriving two decades into the 21st Century, with over 100 stores and about 70,000 employees. Originally a retail shoe company, Nordstrom later branched into full-time clothing sales, along with other accessories. Nordstrom practices two huge sales for their customers in each half of the year, giving significant discount prices to early buyers. It also runs occasional short-term deals in some seasons to encourage sales.

To support the global women movement, Nordstrom stocks quality female designs from good brands, ensuring that their stocks cover all types of women. It also has stores in Canada and Puerto Rico, aside from the United States. From its launch, Nordstrom has incurred over $15 billion in revenue, contributing to the American economy.


Dillard’s is another high-revenue American clothing retail company with over 200 locations and 40,000 employees globally. It is also one of the oldest stores to thrive in the 20th century, doing better two decades onto the 21st century. Dillard’s has generated about $34 billion in revenue, contributing to the American economy. Dillard’s has enjoyed good massive and consistent sales from the citizens of the United States, as they have varieties of products. Its stocks include clothing, shoes, furniture, beddings, accessories, and beauty products. 

Since digitization is the new trend, Dillard’s operates an online store where customers in the United States can buy whatever they want to buy from the store. Dillard’s also uses payment cards, which can be used in any store, approving American Express cards. In supporting the global women’s movement, Dillard’s upgraded their stocks and designs to suit curvy and plus-sized women.


Baltic Born, along with many other brands, has shown solidarity in making women feel beautiful and confident with what they wear. Since women are constantly judged by their looks, these companies make it easier for women of all sizes to look good and feel pretty. These stores also encourage representation of the female gender, as they have women in high positions, contributing to running the affairs of the companies.

Stores like Baltic Born

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