Does GiffGaff have WiFi Calling?

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GiffGaff uses the O2 network’s infrastructure to provide Mobile Virtual Network to help users connect with family, friends, and business associates in the UK seamlessly. The 02 UK-affiliated brand is famous for its reliable connectivity, but not many people know it for WiFi calling capability if it has one.

Does GiffGaff have WiFi Calling?

No. Giffgaff does not have Wifi calling even though they have WiFi for its users. However, you can use any of the available messaging and calling applications. Meta products, such as Facebook and WhatsApp allow users to make calls easily. Signal, Skype, and Viber also offer users WiFi calling capabilities.

What WiFi Service Does GiffGaff Have?

GiffGaff has WiFi Extra. The O2 WiFi Extra, which GiffGaff uses, is a data service that allows devices within a particular local area to connect to the O2 WiFi Extra hotspots. So, once you are within a 25 meters radius of the O2 WiFi Extra hotspot, you will be able to connect to their WiFi to check your mails, chat with family and friends, use your applications and browse the internet. If the O2 WiFi Extra is stronger than your mobile network at any point, it would automatically connect your device to its network service, except you opt-out of it by yourself.

What is GiffGaff Monthly Data Limit?

GiffGaff users can enjoy up to 10GB of data every month. If you exceed this limit, GiffGaff may warn you or stop your device from accessing the network service for the remainder of the month. They could also terminate your use of the service if you refuse to heed their warning.

Where Can I Get the GiffGaff WiFi Extra Service?

The GiffGaff WiFi service can be accessed anywhere in the UK, except where local authorities restrict the service for whatever reason. You don’t have to both check for the signal if you are within range, your phone would automatically connect if the GiffGaff WiFi network is stronger than your mobile network.

Enjoy access to the internet on the London Underground on GiffGaff WiFi. 

Thanks to its relationship with O2 UK, GiffGaff users can enjoy internet connection for free through the WiFi Extra on the London Underground.

How Do I Access GiffGaff WiFi on the Underground?

Take these steps to access GiffGaff WiFi whenever you need to use it on the London Underground:

  • Get A GiffGaff SIM and activate it
  • Get the App from the App Store

Go to your favorite app store to download the GiffGaff app. If you already have it, is it up to date? If not, update it.

  • Configure your profile. To set up your profile on android:
  • Open the App.
  • Navigate to the Settings menu.
  • Click ‘WiFi Extra’.
  • Turn on the WiFi Extra switch.
  • Go and turn on Wi-Fi on your phone.
  • Go back to the GiffGaff App and choose O2 WiFi from the available networks.
  • Then choose O2 from the following dropdown list.
  • You are now connected.
  • To set up your profile on android, iPhone:
  • Open the App.
  • Navigate to the Settings menu.
  • Click ‘Wifi Extra’.
  • Click ‘Install Wifi Extra settings’.
  • From the following prompt, select ‘Allow’.
  • Click ‘Install’.
  • Input your passcode.
  • Allow a few seconds for it to complete setting up.
  • Your screen feedback will show you that your profile is set up.

What are the Terms to Join the Service?

  • GiffGaff WiFi turns on automatically in areas where the service is more reliable than your mobile network.

When Can I Leave the Service?

Anytime you, please. A user can opt out of the services whenever they like. All they need to do is turn off their phone’s WiFi.

When Can GiffGaff Remove Customers From The WiFi?

GiffGaff can stop a user from using the service or stop the entire service for any of the following reasons:

  • The user has violated one of the O2 WiFi fair usage policies.
  • The user has consumed more than the stipulated WiFi fair usage allowance.
  • The user or someone using their devices has abused the service.
  • GiffGaff acts under the instruction of regulatory authority.
  • GiffGaff is acting under emergencies.
  • GiffGaff cannot afford to keep the WiFi service running.
  • The user has violated the rights of other users.
  • The user has abused GiffGaff staff or damaged their facility in any way.

What is the Cost of GiffGaff (O2 Network’s) Data?

You can enjoy GiffGaff data prices for as low as $6 per month and as high as $35 (unlimited) per month. Their internet service runs on 2G, 3G, and 4G connections across the UK. Their 5G connection is in close to 200 cities in the UK.


GiffGaff is a mobile virtual network operator that uses O2’s network infrastructure and offers WiFi services to its users, but it does not have WiFi Calling. Users can take advantage of one of the other WiFi calling services including Facebook, Skype, and WhatsApp. However, GiffGaff offers up to 10GB of free monthly data to its users for mailing, chatting, and web browsing purposes.

Does GiffGaff have WiFi Calling?

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