Does Macy’s Backstage Accept Returns?

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Macy’s Backstage is one of the largest shopping platforms in the world, with a massive variety of products. However, the product is not always what you expected, which is why a return policy exists.

Does Macy's Backstage Accept Returns?

Macy Backstage does accept returns, but like any other organization, they have the policy to help regulate their returns. Macy’s Backstage allows a 30-days return period on almost all their products. Below is a guide to better understand how you can return or exchange goods at Macy’s.

How to return goods to Macy’s Backstage

Things happen, and you end up with a dress, shoe, workout clothing, or jacket, not to your taste. If you got it from Macy’s Backstage, worry no more. The store accepts returns on almost all products within 30 days of purchase.

To return the goods, there are a few conditions you must meet. These include:

  1. You must have the receipt to prove your purchase
  2. Returned product must have the original packaging
  3. Macy’s Backstage does not accept damaged or used products for exchange or return
  4. You must return the product to Macy’s Backstage within the timeframe given to get a refund or exchange the product
  5. The merchandise should be un-altered, un-worn, and with their original tags intact

Once you are at the Macy’s Backstage stores, with the product in their packaging, a receipt in hand, and no damages, you can then receive a full refund. You will receive the money through the l form of payment used to purchase the goods.

What happens if you lose your receipt?

If you threw out your receipt, you could also return your products to the store. The Macy’s Backstage return policy applies to buyers who lost their receipts too. However, you might not get the total amount refunded.

You can start by looking up your receipt on your macy’ account number. If not found, Macy’s Backstage issues you with store credit. Therefore, you get to return your goods but only for a refund value equivalent to the product’s lowest price within the last 180 days. 

For security purposes, your name and address are crucial for these returns. 

Can you return products bought online?

Macy’s Backstage offers a suitably flexible return policy on their products. When returning goods in-store, you take the items to the nearest Macy’s Backstage store, have a copy of your receipt and shipping confirmation email, a valid ID card, and the credit card used to make payments.

Online Returns

Macy’s allows you to return your goods through their online platforms. You can start by visiting Macy’s online store and requesting to return your goods. Follow the instructions as per the website. If the goods are returnable, you can drop them off at the nearest UPS drop-off location for a full refund.

As good as it sounds, it does not work for Macy’s Backstage purchases. The store clearly states that you are only eligible for returns and refunds when you return your goods in their initial packaging at the Macy’s Backstage stores. 


Note that you can return almost all of Macy’s Backstage merchandise. The non-returnable products include:

Final sales items

Final sale items come without warranties. Therefore, you cannot return or exchange them at any Macy’s Backstage store. The store is not responsible for any damages, repairs, or defects on the products. Since the store is not accountable for its quality and repair cost, the customer must bear the burden.

Where do you return your goods?

Jewelry and watches are only eligible for returns in their original packaging, with the tag attached. You can also only return them in the same store you bought them from. As for special returns, you can only return Macy’s Backstage merchandise to Macy’s Backstage. Macy’s department store or does not accept returns from Macy’s Backstage. 

Also, you cannot return goods you buy from Macy’s department stores or to Macy’s Backstage. 


Macy’s Backstage is the heaven for all good deals on clothing, jewelry, watches, and candles, among others. However, you cannot guarantee that the products you buy will blow your mind. If that is not the case, you can always return them to the store for a full refund. Get your receipt, and visit your nearest Macy’s Backstage store.


Does Macy’s Backstage accept returns by mail?

Unfortunately, Macy’s Backstage only accepts in-store returns. The online returns apply to Macy’s department store when you drop off your goods at the UPS location.

What is Macy’s credit card?

Macy’s credit card is like your regular credit card, only this time; you use it to shop at Macy’s. The card is acceptable at Macy’s Backstage as well, and you get a discount when you get it. 

How does Macy’s credit card help me when I lose my receipt?

When you lose your receipt but purchased with the Macy’s credit card, you can look up your receipt number from your account.

Does Macy’s Backstage Accept Returns?

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