Does overstock accept affirm?

‘Buy Now Pay Later’ has become a new choice for buyers to shop in the US market. It is easier to get than credit cards and payment could be easily made in installments. Affirm is one of the major financial technology companies based in the USA. Many stores in the USA also now started accepting this form of payment. So does the prominent retail chain of the USA Overstock accept Affirm? 

Does overstock accept affirm?

Unfortunately, Overstock does not accept Affirm for the ‘Buy Now and Pay Later payment method. However, it has partnered with Klarna to provide a ‘Pay Later’ facility to the customers. To use ‘After Pay’ services, after adding items to your cart, choose Klarna at checkout. Through this, you will be able to pay for your shopping later on according to the selected payment plan

What is Affirm?

Affirm is a prominent company that provides BNPL services. It partners with various stores and retail chains to provide a ‘Pay Later’ payment option at checkout. Most financial technology firms offer the plan to pay for their shopping in four equal installments within a specific time. However, Affirm gives buyers the freedom to choose their payment plan. They can choose to complete payment in any number of installments. 

Affirm can be considered a third-party lender who is allowing you to buy items that you can’t buy now due to limitations in budget. Consumers can simply register themselves on the Affirm app to take advantage of their payment plan. It is accepted at many retail chains, excluding Overstock. 

What payment plan does overstock accept? 

Overstock does not accept Affirm because it is not in the list of stores that Affirm partnered with. But it provides the ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ services to its customers—the financial technology company Klarna aid Overstock in this. Via Klarna, buyers can choose from any available payment plans to pay their bills in installments. 

How to use the ‘Pay Later’ service at Overstock? 

To use the ‘Pay Later’ service at Overstock, Klarna is important because it is the financing partner of the retail chain. You can buy anything stuff from Overstock and pay by Klarna in the following steps-

Select the items you want to buy from Overstock and add it to your cart. Now move for checkout. 

At checkout, there are various payment options available. From the available options, choose Klarna to Pay Later. 

Now from the Klarna app, choose the appropriate plan and method of payment. You will be regularly reminded by email whenever your payment is due. 

The permission to use Klarna is instantly provided to buyers at checkout. Buyers have to apply for monthly financing in two simple steps, and that is easily and instantly accepted. BNPL service provider companies are third-party lenders. The loans they give to buyers are previously provided to them by their banking partner. Klarna’s partner in lending is WebBank. 

Klarna charges no annual fees and no penalties on regular payments. However, its Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is 0-24.99% for standard purchase. 

What are the benefits of using payment plans? 

Payment plans are becoming very popular in the USA. Customers’ dependency on the BNPL system is increasing day by day. This is because of the benefits it provides over cash and cards-

  • No worry about budget

Customers can buy anything without worrying much about their budget with the Pay Later system. This system allows customers to pay in installments according to any chosen plan.

  • Alternative of Credit 

Pay Later apps are a very good alternative to credit cards. Loans from these apps are easier to get than credit cards. There are no extra fees required to use these apps. 

  • An instant lender 

Operating Pay Later payment plans are simple and easy. They can quickly lend you money to buy your favorite item for that you can, later on, pay in installments. 

Where are affirm payments accepted in the USA?

Affirm is a famous financial technology company. Overstock does not have this payment option. But there are various other places where you can use affirm. More than a thousand merchants in the USA accept Affirm now. Affirm is also accepted at online shopping destinations. Following are the major destinations where Affirm is accepted. 

  • Walmart 
  • Target
  • Adidas 
  • Decor Planet
  • Gucci 
  • Good American 
  • The Real Real etc. 


Affirm is a prominent financial technology firm in the USA. It has partnered with various stores and retail chains in the USA for its Pay Later facility. But Overstock is not one of them. Rather it uses Klarna to facilitate the Pay Later service. Klarna is also one of the widely used payment plan proving firms in the USA. It allows customers to choose a convenient plan for completing their payments with Overstock. 


What are the minimum and maximum total order values to access the Pay Later service at Overstock? 

Answer: The minimum order value to use Klarna as a payment option at Overstock is $150. The maximum order value for using the same Pay Later service at Overstock is $10,000. 

Does Klarna keep the information of its users secure?

Answer: Yes, data security is the major concern of Klarna. Klarna uses electronic and physical safeguard technology to keep the data of its users protected.

Does overstock accept affirm?

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