Does Macy’s Do Your Makeup For Free?

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You received an impromptu invite for a dinner party, got up to prepare, and suddenly discovered that you are out of eyeliner, lip gloss, and foundation. The best solution would be to rush down to a cosmetic store to get these items. However, there is a better solution to help you get ready in time for the date. You can get your makeup done while at Macy’s. Read on to find out how.

Does Macy's Do Your Makeup For Free?

Yes, Macy’s will give you a free makeup session. Getting a free makeup session at Macy’s requires you to purchase some cosmetic products from the store. Stylists and beauty advisors representing different cosmetic brands will be available to give you the free makeup session. 

However, not all cosmetic brands will offer you free makeup after purchasing a product at Macy’s.

Brands that offer free makeup sessions at Macy’s

Here is the list of Brands that will offer you a free makeup session at Macy’s;

  • Dior
  • Elizabeth Arden
  • Kiehls
  • Nars
  • Impulse Beauty
  • Lancome
  • IT Cosmetics
  • Clinique
  • Chanel
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills
  • Bobbi Brown
  • Clarins
  • Estee Lauder
  • Mario Badescu Skin Care
  • Shiseido
  • NudeStix
  • SK-II
  • Philosophy
  • Tarte

It is important to remember that these Brands can change their policies from time to time. Ensure you find out if they are still offering free makeup services before going to them. Also, you need to purchase products from them before you can get access to a free makeup session. Some brands have a fixed price cost for products. For example, you can be asked to buy $40 worth of items before getting your makeup done.

How do I book a free makeup session at Macy’s?

There are two ways to book a free makeup session at Macy’s; you can either book from the store’s website or in-store. Ensure you have booked an appointment before showing up at the makeup studio to avoid being delayed. Remember, other people would have booked down before you so don’t expect to be attended to first if you have not.

Things you should know about the free makeup service.

Here are some important things you should know about this service;

  • It is not free.

It is a complimentary service by various cosmetic brands to promote their products. Remember, it does not come free as you have to buy some products before you are allowed to get free makeup.

  • It is a form of feedback for the brands

When these makeup products are used on you, you get to be asked some questions on how you feel using them, if you are comfortable in them, what you need the brand to improve on, etc. All these are ways in which the cosmetic brands get feedback from you. It helps in improving their services.

Why it is not free

Macy’s is a retail store that makes a profit from selling products to customers. These products are gotten from various manufacturers who offer to sell them to Macy’s in return for their profit also. The idea behind the free makeup session is to promote brand awareness, remember the more comfortable you are using a makeup brand, the more you will continue to use the brand. Also, stylists are hired to help you with the sessions and of course, they need to be paid for their services. So, the more products sold, the more the brands get to pay the stylists.

You can be charged for appointments.

In a situation where there is a huge number of appointments coming into the store, you can be asked to pay a small fee to be allowed a session. For example, if graduation or prom is coming up, the rate of appointments increases and if your application falls into this period, you will either have to cancel it or pay to be allowed a makeup session.

  • Complimentary service varies

The complimentary services vary by brand. Some brands can offer you a full facial makeup, massage, and skin treatment as a complimentary service while some can offer you only facials. NudeStix, for example, offers full facial makeup with a smoky eye while Philosophy only offers Express facial.

You can get a free consultation

You do not only get stylists doing your makeup for you but, you can also get beauty advisors who are willing to teach you how you do your makeup by yourself. Other consultation benefits include; identifying the products that work for you, teaching you the best skin care cosmetics, and virtual makeup training.

In other stores, you can get a free makeup session

Here is a list of some other stores you can get a free makeup session;

  • L’Occitane
  • Sephora
  • Smashbox
  • Ulta


If you are on a budget and wondering where to get your makeup done, Macy’s is a good place to go. Not only will you get access to a free makeup consultation, but you will also get a makeup treatment. You should note however that you will have to purchase some cosmetics products before you are allowed to get your makeup done.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I book a free makeup session at Macy’s?

You can book an appointment at Macy’s website or visit any stores close to you.

2. Does Mac cosmetic brand offer a free makeup session at Macy’s?

Mac makeup session comes with a price; you will have to purchase over $50 worth of items before a makeup session by Mac.

Does Macy’s Do Your Makeup For Free?

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