Bridgestone tire warranty

Owning a car may not be a big deal, but maintaining a car is. Purchasing new car parts or
repairing the existing one, requires the right kind of expertise and idea. The same goes with
tires. If you have purchased a high-quality tire that has a long warranty cover, then you can
be tension-free for at least two to three years. On the other hand, a carelessly purchased tire
may cost you regular expenditure on its maintenance or even replacement. Bridgestone tire warranty


Bridgestone tire warranty

Tire manufacturing is one of the large scale operations of Bridgestone Company. It is a
Japanese multinational corporation that is known worldwide for its manufacturing of top-
class auto and truck parts. Founded in 1931, the company took over Firestone Tire and
Rubber cor. in 1988. The company provides a wide range of auto parts for the care makers
and also for owners. For long-lasting service, it also has a vast warranty policy for its tires. 

Bridgestone’s 90 Days Guarantee

 The company provides an option of 90 days ‘Buy and Try’ guarantee to its customers. If a
customer is not satisfied with the Bridgestone tire, which he or she has purchased lately, then
he or she can return it within 90 days of exchange. Their complete amount will be refunded.
The limited warranty applies only to the first buyer of the tire. It is valid for five years. The
other conditions for the limited warranty scheme are mentioned below.

  1.  According to the manual, the purchased tires must match the tire size and speed
    rating equivalent to that mentioned by the vehicle manufacturers. 
  2. The purchasers need to use the tire only on that vehicle on which it was installed. In
    the case of installing it on another vehicle, the limited warranty scheme will not be
  3. The tires must be used only for personal requirements. It is not allowed to use these
    tires for commercial service. However, the condition is not applicable on Bridgestone
    Duravis and Firestone Transforce tires.   
    Now that you are aware of the eligibility of purchasers under this scheme, it is time to discuss
    the things which are warranted. If a new tire becomes unusable during the warranty period,
    then the buyer can replace it. He or she will be provided with a new tire. There are also
    certain terms and conditions upon the tires of different brands. Users should be well aware of
    the terms and conditions of their tire brand. 
     Some conditions are not covered by the company’s warranty policy. Those conditions are
    mentioned below:
  4. If a tyre has been worn out due to some specific reasons, then the company is not
    liable for any return of its products. The first condition is road hazard which may
    cause puncture, impact break, bruise, cut, snag, etc on the tire. Another condition
    includes the improper usage of the tire. Improper inflation pressure, overloading, tire
    wheel spinning, etc, may cause wearing out of the tire before time. Hence, such kind
    of usage may exclude the purchasers from the Warranty scheme. After that,
    insufficient and improper Maintenance will also exclude the tire owners from the
    Scheme’s benefit. Along with this, contamination or degradation of tires, improper
    repair, and low tire pressure operation, are also not included under the scheme.
  5. The company also doesn’t cover rapid tread wear or wear out. 
  6. Whether or ozone cracking after four years from manufacturing.
  7. Tires purchased outside the USA are also not included in the warranty.
  8. Ride disturbance after 0.8 mm of tread wear use.
  9. Commercial usage of the tire.
  10. Inflation of tire with anything other than air or nitrogen.
  11. The inability of the purchasers to stick with the govt.’s safety norms. 


The Bridgestone warranty scheme may vary from brand and category. Hence, customers
should enquire all the details about the warranty scheme of their Bridgestone tire’s brand. To
give you a basic idea, the Platinum Pact Limited Warranty includes all the brand passenger
tires of Bridgestone. It also includes light truck tires.
However, the winter and temporary use tire purchasers can’t enjoy this coverage. This
coverage enables the exchange of tires with the same model for free. For the winter or
‘temporary use’ spare tires, the tires will be replaced only after paying some charges. The
warranty period may also vary from brand to brand. The warranty scheme of other brands
like Firestone, Fuzion, and Primewell will also have different terms and conditions.


The Bridgestone tires come with a well-planned warranty scheme. However, customers have
to look thoroughly into the scheme to understand the T&C. The company’s warranty scheme
may differ for different brands of tires. To know about the full details of the warranty
scheme, customers can visit the website or call on the company’s customer care service.

Bridgestone tire warranty

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