Does Macy’s Remove old Mattress? – Know more

Does Macy's Remove old Mattress? - Know more

You just got a new mattress and you are looking for a way to dispose of your old mattress? Not to worry, you can get them taken care of by retail stores that engage in such services. Let’s learn ‘Does Macy’s Remove old Mattress?’. ‘Is Macy’s one of those stores? Keep reading to find out.

Yes, Macy’s take-out old mattresses. To get Macy’s to help you out with this service, after getting a new mattress at the store, you will be required to pay an extra fee of $25. Macy’s will have a team deliver the mattress to you, take out the old one, and also, help with fixing the new mattress.

How do I get access to this service?

Macy’s understands that when it comes to shopping for mattresses, customers might need an extra hand in the delivery and setting up of the product. This is the reason the store has a special department that helps with all the mattress extra services. After purchasing your mattress at Macy’s, you can contact the White Glove Delivery service to help you take out your old mattress and set up the new one. This service will cost you $25.

About Macy’s White Glove Delivery

White-Glove Delivery is the department in charge of all delivery services relating to merchandise at the store. Some of their services include;

  • Helping with item delivery both doorstep and indoor.
  • Unboxing and cleaning packages.
  • Assemble and set up items such as furniture, mattresses, etc. in homes, offices, and other locations.

Why you should use White Glove Delivery?

Here are some reasons you should consider going for their services when shopping at Macy’s;

  • Team professionalism

The delivery team consists of experts who understand how different products work and how to help with the delivery, assemble, and cleaning of the products. Remember they operate under the store so it is easier for them to know how to fix products they are familiar with. Using the service will save you the stress of looking for how to hire someone to fix your product for you.

  • Satisfactory services

Apart from taking the item to your desired location, they also provide extra services such as unpacking, arranging, and cleaning up after installation of the item in your home.

  • No stress

After buying your mattress at Macy’s, you get saved from the stress of having to transport or lift the heavy packages to your home. The delivery unit will handle that for you, all you need do is provide your address and you will have your package delivered to your location.

How to use the White Glove Delivery?

Here are the steps to using the service;

  • After purchasing your item from Macy’s, you can proceed to book down a delivery service.
  • For furniture delivery, you need to indicate the floor you reside in if you are staying in an apartment building without an elevator.
  • If your house requires a Certificate of Insurance, you live on a military base, or you live in a remote area, you will need to indicate while making the schedule.
  • To follow up after booking for a service, you will need to use the check number on your receipt to track the progress.
  • Once your item is picked by White Glove, it is allowed to spend a maximum of 60 days at the warehouse. Failure to schedule a delivery after 60 days will have your request canceled.
  • On the day you are expected to receive the item, you will be notified by the delivery officer 30 minutes before the time scheduled.
  • Note that if the item delivered did not fit into your house, you won’t be charged for delivery and it will be marked “not delivered” by the store. You will need to request a reordering at Macy’s.

Cost of White Glove Delivery Service

The delivery service often costs between $40 to $261. Items that fall within this range include; furniture, recliner chair, tabletop and base, bed, bunk bed with stairs, dining table and 4 chairs, pool tables, mattress, and china base.

Note that some services such as remote deliveries, removing old items can require an additional cost.

What to if you don’t like your order?

In a situation whereby you ordered for a mattress, had it set up and you discovered there was a fault, you can Contact White Glove Delivery immediately you notice the fault. You are only allowed to contact them within 3 days of delivery.

Why you should get your mattress at Macy’s?

Apart from the extra service of having your old mattress removed for you, here are other reasons you should consider getting a mattress at Macy’s;

  • You get to test the various models available when you shop at the store.
  • The store offers different mattress sizes so you get to select the right fit for your room.
  • Sell mattresses from top brands like; Sealy, MacyBed, Shifman, Sterns, Foster, etc.
  • Mattresses are available at affordable prices.
  • Extra delivery service from White Glove.


Macy’s does not just offer you an opportunity to get a quality and comfortable mattress, it also provides you with extra services to help remove your old mattress and fix the new one. So remember to check out Macy’s the next time your mattress is due for a change.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I am out of town; can I reschedule my delivery time?

Yes, you can reschedule your delivery time. All you have to do is to visit the website and have it rescheduled to another day.

2. How long will it take me to receive my mattress after making a purchase?

You will get your mattress within 8 to 12 weeks of purchase.

Does Macy’s Remove old Mattress? – Know more

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