Harbor Freight Payment Plan- And its types

Harbor Freight Payment Plan


A payment plan is a form of agreement between a store and a buyer for the buyer to pay the store for the goods whether daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or bi-annually in equal or unequal payments for a particular agreed period. Such a plan works very well for a customer who cannot afford a one-time payment to purchase a product. Let’s know about Harbor Freight Payment Plan.

Harbor Freight offers its customers the option of purchasing products using a payment plan. The customer applies for the credit card and comes into an agreement with the Harbor Freight store on the payment plan convenient to both depending on the product, customer ability to pay frequency of pay, and payment plan period. A customer a

Types of Harbor Freight payment plan 

Harbor Freight offers its customers the following types of payment plans depending on the product’s worth.

  1. 6 months plan 

The customers pay 6 equal monthly payments on purchases of products worth $299.00 to $489.99. 

  1. 12 months plan 

The customers pay 12 equal monthly payments on purchases of products worth $499.00 to $1, 798.99

  1. 36 months plan  

The customers pay 36 equal monthly payments on purchases of $1, 799.00 or more

Harbor Freight charges customers late payment fees if a customer pays past their due date. This helps to discourage lateness among customers and foster a discipline of honoring the agreement signed.

Benefits of a payment plan 

  1. No interest

A payment plan in Harbor Freight is not subjected to interest fees hence the customer will only pay the purchase price plus taxes and delivery fee. This is very beneficial to a customer as they will not have to incur any extra amount because of their choice of payment. The store also benefits by attracting more customers who cannot afford to pay the full amount of the product at a go but can pay periodically making more sales. 

  1. Convenient 

A payment plan offers convenience in terms of payment to a customer who wants to purchase a given product in Harbor Freight but is not economically fit to do so at one go. Spreading the pay in agreed-on periods provides the much-needed convenience the customer needed to acquire the product. The convenience makes most customers go back to the store whenever a need for another product arises and they also refer their friends and relatives to the store enabling the store to increase its sales.

  1. Create relationship 

Customers create relationships with Harbor Freight during such a transaction. A customer who has been able to purchase a product with a payment plan will come back when another need for another product arises and requires a payment plan or wants to pay for the product at one go. Harbor Freight also gets a chance to understand a customer during such transactions and their payment behavior building a strong relationship for future purchases. This also builds a database for Harbor Freight to understand who their loyal customers are and in case of a reward scheme or customer appreciation they will know who they are and how to contact them. 

  1. No credit risk 

In a payment plan, Harbor Freight as a retailer does not suffer from any credit risk in case a customer defaults on payments since the risk is taken by the Buy Now, Pay Later supplier of the product. 

  1. Affordable 

A payment plan offers affordability to a customer who requires a product from Harbor Freight but due to some economical challenges they are facing at the moment cannot pay at one go but can pay on agreed specified periods. Spreading the payments enables customers to acquire a product in need, use it and continue paying for it affordably without any strain on the monthly budget of their households. 

  1. Purchase variety of products

By Harbor Freight offering customers a payment plan, a customer might decide to purchase a variety of products under the plan since the periodic payment makes them more affordable as it offers the much-needed convenience and comfort to a customer. This will also increase the number of sales in the store.

  1. Increase sales

Harbor Freight offering customers a payment plan helps in increasing the number of sales in their stores as their customers feel they are welcome to do business with the store whether one can pay at one go or one requires a payment plan. This is good for the business as it makes the customers who had feared to purchase due to lack of full payment at ease knowing they can enjoy using the product they much needed while making payments affordably to the store and in future if any other need for a product comes they can bank on Harbor Freight to acquire the product again and enjoy the payment plan option if need be. 


Harbor Freight offers its customers amazing payment plan opportunities with innumerable benefits to cater to a wide range of consumer base. Irrespective of your income, there is a good enough chance you will find a payment plan that suits you best and get the most of your money!

Harbor Freight Payment Plan- And its types

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