What channel is game show network on xfinity

Game shows have entertained people for years across the globe. They still don’t fail to let you enjoy your time while watching them. If you are an Xfinity customer who wants to have a game show network in their list of channels. Then don’t worry! Because they do provide the said channel!Is the game show network available in Xfinity? Yes! You can watch the Game Show Network on Xfinity. The channel is available on Comcast Xfinity TV service from where you can get it.

What channel is game show network on xfinity
What channel is game show network on xfinity

The channel number of the game show network at affinity

Once you get the channel, you can always tune into its number 179 and watch the show whenever you want. Xfinity is one of the most popular telecommunication networks across the US and the best part is, it is extremely cheap and affordable. 

It offers reliable services at a good price which attracts many subscribers to their services.

To get the game show network on your Xfinity, just make sure that it is in your channel lineup while getting a package or service. The cost of this won’t be an issue as they come at quite affordable prices. 

The genre of the game show 

Despite the long years it runs, the genre of game shows never gets old! It is still flourishing in terms of viewership. Some channels never let them leave anyone’s eye. One of them includes- the game show network.The game show network has a variety of shows with different concepts to entertain people. 

The said channel puts in all efforts to make sure that the genre is never gone. They have even preserved some older game shows and made them very exciting and entertaining to present. 

Get to know the Game Show Network 

Currently, this network is owned and run by Sony Pictures Television. The channel was earlier named the Game Show Channel which was later changed to the Game Show Network when it was launched.

From the time of its launch, the network has secured its rights to several episodes of various game show companies. 

In 2004, the network started to expand its programming. It aired reality television games and several competition programs. It also produced classic game shows like the famous ‘Chain reaction’. As of now, the said channel has a viewership of around 75 million people in the U.S.

If you’re wondering what can one view by tuning in to the game show network channel? If yes, then no worries!!! Here are a few of the most popular shows on the channel

Family Feud :

The television show is one of the most popular shows on the Game Show Network channel. The show features two families, who compete with each other in giving the most popular response to several survey questions. The game is point-based and the team who wants to answer must press the buzzer before the other team does. 

The newlywed game 

This game show is all about newly married couples competing against each other and winning prizes. 

These newlyweds are asked a series of questions about each other. If they can answer accurately they win the price. At times incorrect answers may spark some arguments between the couple which people could also find as a way of entertainment. 

Common knowledge

Common knowledge, a show hosted by Joey Fatone, features two teams, each consisting of three people, competing against each other to answer some practical everyday questions. The questions are pretty simple and based on things that everyone should know.

America says 

This is a game show that even indulges the audience who are sitting in their houses and watching it. The show is hosted by John, Michel Higgins. The game’s concept involves two teams who guess the answer to fill the blank in questions.

Snap decision 

Snap Decision is a comedy game show that includes three contestants who are required to make quick decisions or judgments by seeing three strangers in video clips and after learning some random facts about each of them.

The show is hosted by David Grier and is one of the most popular shows in the game show network. The winner of this show is granted a chance to win a prize of 10,000 dollars.


Xfinity is a telecommunications company that believes in serving its customers with the channels that they need at an affordable price. If you are a game show lover, who wants to have the Game Show Network Channel on their Xfinity TV, then you can get it by adding it to your channel lineup.It is cheap and affordable and you can watch their shows whenever you want by just tuning in to channel number 179.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the cheapest price at which you can get the Xfinity Comcast package?

The lowest price at which you can get the Xfinity TV is Choice Limited TV. The package costs about 30 dollars every month.

What channel is game show network on xfinity

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