Why is an Amazon account not eligible for monthly payments?

Why is an Amazon account not eligible for monthly payments?

Amazon, an American multinational conglomerate, offers a wide range of products like electronics, books, web services, groceries, and more. The company knows that every customer may not pay the whole amount at once. So, it allows them to distribute the purchase cost for some Amazon products over time. This financing service comes under Amazon Monthly Payments. Let’s know Why is an Amazon account not eligible for monthly payments?

Amazon accounts younger than a year get ineligible for monthly payments. The older account holders must ensure that they have enough money and pay every installment on time, else get ineligible for the service. They must remember that monthly payments are allowed only for certain Amazon products. This article shows a method to get eligible for the service.

Amazon Monthly Payments

The Amazon Payment Plan contains some conditions. Thus, it does not get available for every Amazon product and customer. The qualifying customers with the qualifying purchases must select the monthly payments option during checkout. The total amount will get distributed among five equal or relative payments, and the customers must pay the first installment right after the shipment. They must pay each installment after every 30 days.

This monthly payment plan does not include hidden fees, interest, application, or credit checks. But, they must pay taxes according to the states. Amazon partners with Synchrony Bank to offer the Store Card under the personal brand. Similarly, the other partner, Chase Bank, provides the Rewards card. So, interest associated with credit card usage is subject to the bank.

Amazon Account Not Eligible For Monthly Payments

This section explains why customers get ineligible for Amazon Monthly Payments and the ways to get eligible.

Reasons For Getting Ineligible

Newer Amazon accounts get ineligible for Amazon Monthly Payments. If the company cannot get enough money through one card, it looks for the other. Still, the customers failing to pay any installment may end up getting their Amazon accounts deregistered for the service. 

Their Amazon accounts will get shifted to standard installments where they must pay interest with every installment. They cannot reinstate the card, and even the supervisors cannot help. To check the eligibility, the customers must visit the Monthly Payments page under Amazon, log in, and search for a device from the Amazon device family. The eligible customers will get an option for monthly payments.

Getting Eligible For Amazon Monthly Payments

Amazon offers a monthly payment option only for some products such as Amazon Fire TV, Kindle, and devices enabled by Alexa from the Amazon device family. More products under the service are certain TVs, smartphones, headsets, cameras, projectors, home and kitchen appliances, exercise equipment, laptops, and monitors.

The following are the rules to get eligible for Amazon Monthly Payments:

  • The company offers promotional financing. So, the customers wishing to enjoy monthly payments must possess an Amazon-branded credit card.
  • The customers must have a good payment history with the company. They must also ensure that their credit cards do not expire within 140 days before shipment.
  • Only the American residents having activated Amazon accounts over a minimum of one year can enjoy the service.
  • This service is applicable only for personal or family-related purposes. So, the eligible customers cannot transfer or join it with other offers.

Effect Of Amazon Monthly Payments

On the one hand, these payments do not affect the credit score as the company does not perform credit checks under this service. On the other hand, the eligible customers must ensure enough balance in their accounts linked to the credit card. This service is still expensive for many eligible customers because it gets available for costlier products. The total amount is high, so the amount for installments increases accordingly. Thus, it may become too hard for some customers to pay installments on time.


The customers must remember that the monthly payments are available only for specific products offered by Amazon. The total amount gets distributed over five equal installments, and every installment must get paid after every 30 days. They must try not to fail to pay any installment. Otherwise, they might end up losing the service. Following the eligibility criteria can help them stay eligible for the monthly payments because even the supervisors might not help once the customers get deregistered from the service.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What Other Companies Offer Monthly Payments For The Customers?


Other companies that offer monthly payments for customers are Apple, Microsoft, Klarna, Ola, Meta (Facebook), and more.

  1. What Are The Financing Options Offered By Amazon?


 Some financing options offered by Amazon are:

  • Monthly Payments.
  • Amazon Secured Card.
  • Amazon Corporate Line Of Credit.
  • Amazon Special Financing.
  • Amazon Equal Pay Financing.
  • Amazon Business Prime AmEx Card.
  • Amazon Reload.
  1. When Do I Start Using an Amazon Credit Card?


The Amazon credit card gets approved instantly. So, the customers can start using it right after the approval. If the application for the card does not get approved instantly, the bank will inform the application status of the customer after the completion of the review process. After getting the card, the customers must maintain a minimum credit score of 670.

Why is an Amazon account not eligible for monthly payments?

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