Does EZ Pass Work In NC?- How to get an EZ Pass?

Does EZ Pass Work In NC?


In the United States of America, the EZ Pass system is utilized on several toll roads, bridges, and tunnels. EZ Pass is nothing but a toll collection system that is electronic. It was founded 35 years back in Delaware, United States. Paying the toll might be inconvenient and perplexing at times. When you’re on vacation and a toll on a bridge or road suddenly appears, you’ll have to wait in a long line to pay the toll and continue. EZ Pass is a service that makes paying tolls a little easier and more convenient. Let’s know ‘Does EZ Pass Work In NC?’

The EZ Pass’s only limitation is that it only works in a few limited regions. What are the areas that have been chosen? Is it applicable in all 50 states? What states allow the use of an EZ Pass? Make sure to read the entire article to learn everything about EZ Pass.

Does EZ Pass Work In NC?

Yes, EZ Pass works in North Carolina is also known as NC. Only 17 states allow the EZ pass to be used for work. Except in Florida and Georgia, EZ Pass is largely used along the east coast of the United States. Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky have EZ Pass highways as well. When choosing a toll system, the cost of the system and what the neighboring state utilizes must always be taken into consideration. A state has a specific tolling system based on these two characteristics. As a result, it will be determined by the neighboring state and the cost of an EZ Pass for a toll pass that will allow it to operate there.

How to get an EZ Pass?

The simplest way to get an easy pass while sitting at your home is from the official website. You just have to follow the steps mentioned below:-

  • Go to the EZ pass website. 
  • Click on the option of “Sign Up Now”.  Make an account for yourself by entering all the information such as phone number, full name, email address, etc.  
  • After that, select your state. 
  • Tap on “Click Here To Enroll Online”. 
  • While enrolling, make sure that you have your license plate number and credit card or checking account number that you use. 
  • A form will appear in front of you asking for details about the address, city, zip code, etc. 
  • Fill out the form and submit it. 
  • In 2 to 3 weeks, you will receive your EZ pass through the mail. 

Where can I get my EZ Pass?

EZ Pass is a set of electronic tolling systems used on toll points. You can get these passes at various locations. Some places that you can search for an EZ pass are mentioned below:- 

  • The official website of EZ Pass- you can simply get your EZ Pass through the official website by filling out the form.
  • Local retail stores- EZ Pass is also available in some retail stores. 
  • Interested Rest Stops- these toll-ways have EZ Pass for very cheap. You can buy your EZ Pass from here while traveling. 

What are the benefits of using an EZ Pass? 

There are multiple benefits of using any EZ Pass while traveling, instead of a normal tolling system. The benefits of using it are mentioned below:- 

  • It saves a lot of time
  • It is hassle-free
  • It is easy to use 
  • It saves money 
  • It is automatic 
  • It comes at a cheap price

Is it possible to use an EZ Pass in any state?

No, an EZ Pass cannot be used in any state. Only a few states in the United States of America use the electronic tooling system. On tolling highways, bridges, and tunnels in 17 states, the EZ Pass is accepted. On tolling roads, bridges, and tunnels, the remaining 33 states of the United States of America do not accept EZ Pass. As a result, you can only use your EZ Pass in the 17 states that have been chosen.


In conclusion, Yes, EZ Pass works in North Carolina also known as NC. It is an electronic tolling system used in the United States at tolling stations on roadways, bridges, and tunnels. It operates in 17 states across the United States. You’ll have to utilize another tolling system in the remaining 33 states when crossing toll points on roads, bridges, and tunnels.


  1. Is NC Quick Pass the same as E-Z Pass? 

No, NC Quick Pass is not similar to an E-Z Pass. They both are different methods to pass a toll on bridges, roads, and tunnels. 

  1. Are E-Z Passes good in all states? 

No, the E-Z Pass does not work in all the states of America. There are selected 17 states of the USA that accept an E-Z Pass to work at the toll points. 

  1. Is EZ Pass worth it? 

Yes, EZ Pass is well worth the money. It’s a convenient way to pay tolls on bridges, roads, and tunnels without having to dig through your pockets or purses for cash every time a toll point appears.

Does EZ Pass Work In NC?- How to get an EZ Pass?

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