Discovery plus is a streaming service owned by Discovery, Inc. The service focuses to draw from the libraries of Discovery’s main channel brands, original series, and other content. It was first launched in India in March 2020. It was launched in the United States in January 2021. It serves more than 30 Countries in our World. It is an OTT Video Streaming Platform and more than 18 million users. So, “How to get Discovery plus?”

How to get Discovery plus?


Discovery plus is separate from the Discovery-owned cable channels. It is a streaming service that starts at five dollars a month. To stream Discovery Plus, you require an internet connection. You can stream the app on your phone, smart TV, computer using a compatible device in a few seconds. Only one account is needed per household, and you can create up to five profiles for different family members and watch up to four streams at the same time.


It is easy to install Discovery Plus on TV. First, you want an HDMI port on your TV to plugin. Now, Install Discovery plus is to get a streaming device into your TV. You can use a Roku stick or an Amazon fire stick as your main-streaming player that bypasses the Operating System on your TV. They both are media streaming players that have the capability of downloading Discovery Plus. Roku has several entry-level models for under 50 bucks. You need a Roku player, an HDMI cable, a power adaptor, and power cable, and a remote with batteries included.


STEP 1:- You have to plug the HDMI cable into the Roku player. Move to the back of the TV set and look for the HDMI inputs. They are typically labeled HDMI 1 and HDMI 2.

STEP 2:- Put or connect the other end of the HDMI cable into either slot. You can plug the Roku into an electrical outlet. Use the remote of your TV set to power on your TV.

STEP 3:- Click input and select the HDMI that you plugged the Roku into. Follow all the instructions. You need to connect the Roku to your home internet.

STEP 4:- Continue to follow the instructions, Enter your E-mail address to activate your Roku player. After that, Roku will send an activation link to your Email. Keep your phone in your hand. Click on that link that was sent to your Email.

STEP 5:- Roku will have the name of your Device, select its location, and when you click continue, Roku will ask you questions to customize your experience and recommend various Apps. If Roku recommends the application you can add it to your device.

STEP 6:- Once you have finished answering Roku’s questions. Your TV will update, wait for a few minutes for this process. You will see ‘All Done’ on your screen, click on the Ok button. A short video will play to teach you about your Roku. If you get lost then, click on the back button.

STEP 7:- You can see the Roku home screen. Search channels and type them like what you are looking for. Example- Discover Plus. Once you have added the channel, you can access it anytime from the Roku home screen. You can directly sign in to, and they offer a free trial.

STEP 8:- After that, when you set up your account from on your phone or computer. Enter that EMail address and password with your Roku. You are all set to explore Discovery Plus on the big screen.


The discovery plus home screen will have a personal recommendation, and an easy way to sort by your favorite Networks and Trending content. If someone wants to cancel Discovery plus, they can do that from the website on their computer or the Discovery Plus app on their phone. The free trial is only for seven days but doesn’t wait until the last date to cancel if you don’t want any bills. You can cancel early, and you will still get a full seven days Trial. You can also reactivate your subscription later. 


1:- Is the Application have a free subscription?

No, It has seven days of free trials only.

2:- What is the cost of a subscription for a Month?

The cost of the Discovery Plus subscription for a month is $4.99.

3:- Does it provide a cooking channel also?

Yes, Discovery Plus provides a cooking channel also to its users.

4:- how many profiles should we create?

You can create at least five profiles in Discovery Plus.


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