Rogers loyalty program-Know more

Rogers offers its customers different rewards. Its loyalty program is designed to encourage customers to avail themselves of more and more services at Rogers. The program is automatic and requires you just to sign up for your MyRogers account. Doing so will let you earn points on every eligible service you avail of from Rogers. Even watching a movie or surfing the internet will automatically give you points. Once you gain enough points, you can redeem for the desired rewards from Rogers. Let’ learn here about ‘Rogers loyalty program’.

Rogers loyalty program-Know more

The rewards offered are numerous and you can access them via desktop or mobile application. Furthermore, the program works with a tier system to promote a sense of competition among its customers. There are three tiers in the Rogers loyalty program named silver, gold, and platinum. Through each tier, you can earn different points for each dollar you spend for seeking Rogers services.   

If you want to earn points at Rogers and win several rewards, you need to register your account. This article will give you detailed knowledge of the loyalty program at Rogers. How to get registered, how to earn points, and how to redeem for rewards at Rogers, this article will make you crystal-clear about all these queries. 

Register MyRogers account

The loyalty program of Rogers named “Rewards” offers its loyal customers several rewards and benefits. However, to avail of this loyal program, you first need to register your MyRogers account at the official website of Rogers. Once you have registered the account, you don’t need to fulfill any other formalities. 

Neither you need a card to carry for earning points at the time of purchase, nor you are required to follow any procedure. The process is fully automatic, and the points will be added to your account instantly.

How can you earn points?

No rocket science is involved in earning points at Rogers to get rewards. You are already getting the points for whatever you are doing. For instance, watching movies or surfing Rogers internet, and even texting can get you points.

How can you get rewards at Rogers?

If you want to get rewards, you need to earn more and more points. To do so, you simply need to spend more to avail of the Rogers services. The more you spend on these services, the more you get the points, more quickly you will be able to redeem these points for several rewards.

What are the rewards at Rogers?

Rogers offers you a variety of rewards. Once you have been successful to earn enough points, you can redeem them for the rewards of your choice. Following are some of the rewards you can achieve.

  • You can request free OnDemand movies.
  • Several Travel roaming Packs are offered in exchange for these points.
  • You can upgrade your internet using the points earned and many more.

Three Tiers

 The program works on a tier system to give you the motivation to boost your earning points. All three tiers help you enhance your earning power and points earned will let you get various unique rewards.

  1. Silver

If you are a loyal customer availing of eligible services at roger, you can get points by simply availing of these services. For every dollar spent on eligible Rogers service, you will get 1 point.

  1. Gold

The policy is the same for the gold members as those of the silver members instead the points earned on every dollar spent will be 1.5. 

  1. Platinum

 If you are at the platinum tier, you can earn points in return for every dollar you spent on availing of eligible Rojer services. 

If you want to find at which tier you are right now, you simply need to log into your MyRogers account. From your account, you can know the details about your tier. 

How to monitor your points and redeem for rewards?

If you want to monitor your points, check your tier, or redeem for rewards, you can do this via your desktop as well as via mobile phone. 

  1. Via desktop

From your desktop, go to and log in to your account. Once you log in, you will be able to check your points and choose the rewards depending upon your points.

  1. Via mobile phone

If you want to access your Rogers account via mobile phone, you need to go to the app store and install the MyRogers app. Log in to the app and get access to your points and rewards.


Loyal programs are one of the keen market strategies that allow brands to reward their loyal customers. Rogers offers its customers several rewards and prices. The loyalty program at Rogers has assisted the organization to boost its chain of loyal customers. 

Frequently asked questions
  1. What is the highest tier of Rogers loyalty program?


  1. Can we access the MyRogers account via mobile phone?

Yes, you can. You simply need to install the application and log in to your account.

Rogers loyalty program-Know more

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