Costco’s Opening and Closing Hours

It is indeed important to familiarize yourself with the opening and closing hours of big retail stores that sell essentials. This is so you do not go at a time when the store is closed to customers. Costco is a big wholesale store that has all your essentials, keep reading to find out more about Costco’s Opening and Closing Hours. 

Costcos Opening and Closing Hours

Firstly, it is worthy to note that Costco’s opening and closing hours which are dependent on the location of the branch in the United States. This is in light of the coronavirus pandemic that shook the United States. Generally speaking, most Costco’s opening is between 9:00 am and 10:00 am while most Costco stores closing time is between 6:00 pm and latest by 8:30 pm. 

Now, to know the exact opening time of the Costco store near you or a Costco branch you prefer going to head over to their website to check. As you get to their website which is (www. By the upper right corner of the screen, there is an icon labeled ‘customer service’, click that. On the lower-left corner of the next page, there is an icon labeled ‘find a warehouse’, select it and type the location of your preferred Costco store. 

You will then be able to access the opening and closing hours of the Costco branch. You will access this alongside the corresponding days of the week for the opening and closing hours. On this web page, you will also receive specific and relevant information on the Costco branch you have typed in. Information such as whether there is a food court available or not if it is wheelchair friendly etc. Costco. Costco.  Continue reading for more details on Costco hours. 

Can Costco Executive Members Still Come Into Shop Earlier Than Other Customers? 

No, they cannot as this practice is over at Costco. Costco used to open its doors to customers who have executive membership one hour before its official opening time. 

This was to give them the luxury of shopping with lesser customers in the store as not many customers are executive members. This practice ended at Costco in the year 2015 (twenty fifteen). 

Does Costco Usually Open Fifteen Minutes Ahead Of Schedule?

Costco branches usually open at exactly their official or stipulated opening time and not before or after. 

Although some branches open earlier during festive periods as they expect a whole lot more customers around that time. 

Some others even open thirty (30) minutes earlier than their official opening time during festive periods to accommodate the rush. 

Are There Days That Costco Does Not Open Its Branches? 

Yes, there are particular days that Costco is closed. This is usually due to holidays or festivities. 

Costco is always closed on the following days; 

Memorial Day, Christmas Day, Easter Sunday, Labor Day, New Year’s Day, Independence Day, and Thanksgiving day. 

What Time Is Costco The Least Crowded?

If you want to beat the crowd at Costco then it is very advisable that you go for your shopping on weekdays. 

Not just on weekdays but specifically on the mornings of weekdays. This is the most convenient time to shop at Costco if you want to avoid the usual crowd as most people will be at work during that time. 

Another good time you can beat the crowd at Costco is if you go to a Costco branch as soon as the branch opens. This will be less stressful and the lines would probably be shorter. 

To effectively plan this, go to the Costco website to check the opening time of your preferred Costco.

Then you can work towards getting there at their exact opening time. 

Does Costco Have Special Hours For The Elderly To Shop? 

To be fair, the elderly need a particular shopping to them so they can be assisted properly. Costco gracefully provides this exclusive time for them. 

Now, only those who are sixty (60) years old and above are referred to as elderly in this context according to Costco. 

People who are sixty (60) years old and over can come for their shopping every Tuesday between 9:00 am to 10:00 am as well as Thursday between 9:00 am and 10:00 am. 

Note that this privilege is not just for anyone who is elderly. You have to be a Costco member to enjoy this benefit. 

Does Costco Have Special Hours For The Disabled To Shop? 

Costco does indeed provide special hours for disabled persons to come in and shop just the same way as is it for the elderly. 

This time is 9:00 to 10:00 every Tuesday and Thursday. 

You must be a Costco member to enjoy these benefits as general members of the public will not be allowed even if disabled. 

When Does The Food Court At Costco Open? 

This is highly dependent on the specific location of the food court. But generally, most food courts in Costco open during shopping hours. 

Head over to the Costco website to check for the food court availability at your preferred Costco and its opening hours. 

Frequently Asked Questions? 

  1. Is it only Costco members that are allowed to shop at Costco or anyone at all can shop there? 

You cannot just stroll into any Costco branch to shop. Indeed, you have to be a Costco member to shop there. 

  1. How much is Costco membership? 

In the United States, the Costco membership is five (5) dollars per month and sixty (60) dollars per year. 

  1. Who owns Costco? 

It is owned by a corporation known as Costco wholesale. 

Costco’s Opening and Closing Hours

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