What Is Kroger?-Know More


Grocery shopping is something that is necessary for everyone. If you have ever gone grocery shopping then, you must be aware of the name ‘Kroger’. If not then, you must know its other names like Ralphs, Dillons, etc.

Well, if you are completely new to this ‘grocery shopping’ concept then, this article will be a major help for you. And, if you are reading this article because you are going to work there, then read this too.

what is kroger

What is Kroger?

  • Kroger is one of the largest American chains of grocery retailers. You will be amazed to learn that it is America’s first-ever grocery retailer.
  • It was founded in 1883 when Barney Kroger decided to do something innovative. He invested all his life savings at that time in opening a grocery store.
  • Yes, a single grocery store has now turned into a massive business earning revenue that can not be counted on hands.
  • It now has 2800 plus stores in 35 states. Don’t be worried if you have never seen a grocery store named Kroger near you.
  • Because it has 28 different names for its stores. Shocking, right? Well, it is how it is. Kroger basically operates its grocery stores in four different formats. These formats are

        1. Supermarkets

        2. Multi-department stores

        3. Price-impact warehouse stores

       4. Marketplace stores. 

What are the different names of stores under Kroger?

After reading the above part, you must have gathered enough information about its formats. If not, then it is okay because we are enlisting everything below.

A. Supermarket– Kroger has a huge number of supermarkets operating under different names. If you are finding one near you, search by the names- 1. Ralphs

2. Dillons

3. Smith’s

4. Pay Less

5. Metro Market

6. Baker’s

7. Kroger

8. City Market

9. QFC

10. Owen’s

11. Jay C

12. Mariano’s

13. Harris Teeter

14. King Soppers

15. Fry’s

16. Pick ‘n Save

17. Gerbes 

B. Multi-department store– It has multi-department stores but only under one name, that is, Fred Meyer. It was founded in 1922 and was a great success.

You can find anything here from food products, gardens, apparel to home electronics, paint, hardware, etc. 

C. Marketplace Stores– These stores have groceries, outdoor living products, toys, and many other things that you might need on daily basis in your life.

The marketplace stores are named as- 1. Dillons Marketplace

2. Kroger Marketplace

3. Smith’s Marketplace

4. Fry’s Marketplace

5. King Soopers Marketplace 

D. Price-impact warehouse stores- These stores are something unique and according to Kroger’s site, they provide them with a competitive advantage.

You can find dairy products, groceries, health and beauty products, etc here. The stores under this are named as-

1. Food 4 Less

2. Foods Co

What is so good about Kroger and its products?

  • Kroger is a famous name, and it is widely known in America. It works to provide people with the best of everything, and this has been proved by its massive customer range.
  • It fulfills basic values like honesty with customers, vendors, and everyone in its relation. Next is integrity it never leaves its values even if the situation is difficult. The other values are safety, diversity, respect, and inclusion.
  • Not only it is a great place to shop but also to work full time, part-time, etc. It pays competitive wages and salaries and treats every employee equally. We hope this somewhat explains why Kroger is so popular among people.
  • The products that it sells are from different brands. The groceries are fresh, and moreover, everything is at pocket-friendly prices. The staff is excellent, and you can find yourself enjoying your shopping time there.
  • You can also visit their store on Wednesday if you want some extra discount. If you can’t on Wednesday then, Friday is a good day too but, you can find crowded aisles so consider this beforehand. 


Kroger is a grocery retailer brand and has stores in 35 states. You can find them with different names and shop everything from groceries to electronics at reasonable prices.

The staff working there is friendly and ready to assist customers. If you are reading this article to know if it’s good for a part-time or full-time job then, it is a yes. You can also read more about Kroger on the internet for more details.

Some FAQs about Kroger-

  1. Does Kroger only sell groceries?

Ans- No, you can also buy electronics, health care items, etc from Kroger.

  1. What are the names of stores under Kroger?

Ans- The stores are named Ralphs, Owen’s, Fry’s, Smith’s, etc.

  1. What things should you avoid while purchasing from Kroger?

Ans- The items sold there are fresh but avoid buying cooked chicken from Kroger.

  1. What day does Kroger cut down the prices?

Ans- Prices are cut down on Wednesdays but, there is always some deal going on so, you can visit Kroger anytime.

What Is Kroger?-Know More

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