Does CVS have installed ATMs?

CVS is a well-known retail pharmaceutical company located in the US. The company has its headquarters in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, US. As of 2018, the pharmaceutical retail company has stores in more than 9,967 locations. CVS aka Customer Value Store offers prescribed drugs along with a wide range of general merchandise. Does CVS have installed ATMs?

Does CVS have installed ATMs?

Retail stores like CVS are one of the most visited companies in the US. This is why the proper installation of machinery became necessary for CVS so that people could utilize the most benefit in it. CVS retail stores have installed ATMs in most of their stores. The stores that accommodate ATMs allow users with eligible cardholders to withdraw money in exchange for a surcharge fee. It is only for foreign card users that this surcharge fee is charged.

Types of ATMs At CVS

The dominant type of ATM is the Allpoint Network ATM in the US. If you are one of those customers who prefer using this type of ATM, should not be surprised to know that CVS also accommodates Allpoint Network ATMs at various locations. However, some things depend on the type of ATM stored in your nearby CVS store. For example, CVS offers Citibank, Chase, Santander, and MoneyPass ATMs depending on the state you are living in.

Please know that as of 2022, not every CVS store has accommodations for ATMs. Therefore, if you visit a CVS store and you are looking for an ATM then you may not find it. In case you see one inside the store, you can use it or else you have to look for one outside. Just to save your time, you should not directly go to a CVS store for any withdrawal because there might be no ATM at all.

The Benefit of Keeping An ATM Machine In CVS

There are certain goods and commodities that you can purchase in cash. However, most people tend to go cashless shopping and this is why they bring their ATM cards. Stores like CVS, which is one of the most visited stores in the US, should have ATMs for the benefit of people. Installing an ATM helps people to withdraw cash easily.

However, there is a limit on withdrawal that every person is allowed to make. But, the limit of withdrawal might differ from one location to another. Normally, an ATM installed at a CVS store will allow you to withdraw up to $1500 in a day. This amount should be enough for you to do your shopping. If you still doubt the limitation of the withdrawal amount, you should contact the local CVS store for more information.

Are Transactions Safe In CVS ATMs?

Even if you are not a regular user of an ATM you might doubt the safety and security features of ATMs. However, the ATMs accommodated by CVS are completely safe to use. Most ATMs can be scammed and this way your debit card number and other important details could be stolen. But, you should know that here in CVS no such scams are happening. Transactions can be done completely safely.

Since the installed ATMs are inside the store there is no chance of any theft. Remember that ATMs that are located inside are one of the safest ATMs that you should use. However, if you are using an ATM that is located inside a bank then that would also be a completely safe option to withdraw money and make transactions.

Withdrawal Fee Charged By CVS ATMs

Most ATMs that are located in different regions charge a certain amount as a transaction fee. This fee charged by ATMs is common because it is a source of income for commercial banks. But, Allpoint Network ATMs located in different CVS stores are completely surcharge-free only for PeoplesBank cardholders.

Even if you hold a US bank card you will not be charged for making any withdrawal or any transaction. There are a few commercial banks that incur a fee for every transaction their customers make. This charge mostly takes place for foreign cardholders which are about $2-$4.

However, CVS pharmacies do offer a cash-back option for their customers using their ATMs. This cashback option will help foreign cardholders access cash without paying any extra fees. All CVS locations accommodating an ATM offer a cashback of up to $35 for each transaction.


ATMs help people to get the right support at the right time. Depending on its location people can make transactions anytime. However, now with its availability in different stores, people can just carry their cards for shopping. Most CVS Pharmacy locations have installed ATMs and we hope that they will accommodate them in their remaining locations.


Can ATMs be scammed irrespective of their location?

Now, with the enhancement in technology, every ATM can be hacked. But, ATMs located inside stores and banks are one of the safest to make transactions.

How much can I withdraw from an Allpoint ATM?

Eligible cardholders can withdraw between $200 and $400 in a single transaction. Remember that there can be a certain limitation on how much you can withdraw per day.

Does CVS have installed ATMs?

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