Lululemon return policy – know more 

Lululemon is an American Canadian multinational athletic retail store that produces various athletic clothes for yoga, running, workout, etc. If any items bought haven’t met the expectations of the customers, then Lululemon”s return policy allows the customers to return their purchase with terms and conditions applied.

The policy allows you to return the item within 30 days of initial purchase. The item should be unwashed, unworn, and should be returned with tags attached. You can either send it to the store, return it online or send the parcel by mail.

Lululemon return policy

Return policy

-The item can be returned within 30 days after the initial purchase unless bought during the holiday season. Any item bought between October 23 and December 23 can be returned until January 23.

The items should be unwashed and unworn with tags attached

-Proof of purchase should be brought while returning the item.

-The items returned will be subjected to inspection.

-The company offers free returns

-Gift cards, Lululemon double strap face masks, items from the We Made Too Much sale CANNOT be returned.

Lululemons return methods 

A.In store return

The customers can return their purchase to the nearest Lululemon store for a refund. The store even accepts online purchases. However, the company does not accept New returns at this time.

B.Online return

If the customer wishes to return their purchase online, then they can do so either as a guest or member. You can return the items online, even for in-store purchases.

Here are the following steps to return it online,

1)If you have an account, here are the following steps 

-Login in your account

-Navigate your order 

-Pick the item you want to return 

-Once selected, click on submit 

-Print the shipping label and save the RMA number

2}If you want to return it as a guest 

-Go to the return page 

-Enter the order ID and billing email address

-Click submit.

-Print the shipping label

    Returned items should be dropped at FedEx or USPS store(for US customers)

Fast track returns

  • One of the best features of the Lululemons return policy is the Fast Track return policy, where three or more items can be returned, and the refund will be done 2 hrs after the package has been dropped at the FedEx or USPS location.
  • Refunds can be done only to e- gift cards, and it is only for those customers who wish to return three or more items.
  • If customers wish to receive the refund in their original payment method, then they should return it through Lululemon online return portal.

Lululemon’s easy-to-use returns portal

Lululemon enables customers to return through its branded online return portal, which makes it easier to manage returns enforcing rules around refund windows eligibility etc.

Customer care 

Lululemon has lice chats and phone lines through its guest education center to clear out inquiries and assist the customers in making the process easier.


Lululemon’s return policy lets you shop with confidence. Not only that, the company has tools, methods, and features such as the FastTrack returns where the customer will receive their refund within 2 hrs. Their easy-to-use return portal makes online returns a lot easier.  All the returns are free and will be refunded in 3-5 days. As long as you follow the guidelines, you should not have any problems returning the item.

Frequently Asked questions

Q.1)Can you return worn clothes?

A.No, you cannot return worn or washed clothes.

Q.2)Can the items be returned after 30 days?

A.No, Lululemon does not accept items after 30 days unless purchased during the holiday season.

Q.3) Is Lululemon strict on returns?

A.Yes, Lululemon has one of the strictest return policies.

Q.4)Can I return my swimwear?

A.Yes, you can return a swimwear provided the hygienic liner tract is intact.

Q.5)Are any items excluded from the return policy?

A.Gift cards, Lululemon double strap face mask, items from We Made too many sales are excluded from the return policy.

Q.6)Does Lululemon have a holiday return policy?

A. The items purchased between October 23  and December 24th can be returned until January 24th.

Q.7)Can I Return Lululemon Online Purchases to the store?

A.Absolutely.The store accepts both online and in-store purchases.

Q.8 )How long does it take for the return to get processed?

A.The return process takes as long as 3-5 business days which can be delayed due to the pandemic.

Q.9)Does lululemon return through PayPal?

A.Lululemon does not return the process through Paypal even though that is your original payment method. This applies to PayPal returns through gift cards, MasterCard visas, or American express.

Q.10)Does Lululemon offer a lifetime warranty?

A.No,lululemon does not offer a lifetime warranty; it covers up for normal wear and tear but does not provide a lifetime warranty.

Lululemon return policy – know more 

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