Is Old Navy Ethical?-Know More

Using makeup, dressing in good clothes, looking good are the parts of human life. We, humans, go for various new experiments to become more fashionable. Sometimes we use plant products such as cotton and sometimes we go for animals. Just to look trendy we are being harsh upon innocent animals. Apart from animals we even don’t care about the environmental impacts of these brands.  Animals, the environment are being harassed by our so-called trends. Old Navy is a cloth brand that features varieties of clothes. You can a get pice of trendy cloth from Old Navy stores. The store Old navy is somehow good for the environment. But it is not good for animals as well as its workers.

old navy ehical

Although it is good for the environment it does not give 100 % for the betterment of our environment. So, overall it cant be rated as ethical for its impacts. 

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What Is Old Navy?

Many cloth brands are there situated in USA. one of them is Old Navy. At Old Navy, customers can meet up their trendy clothes expectations. The brand was founded in the USA in 1994. From man and woman clothes to kids and maternity wear, you can get every type of clothes at Old Navy. Now the store is spread over many countries. The production and customers’ demand meet to the fullest. 

What Are The Needs For Ethical Clothing?

We wear various types of clothes including varieties of brands. But do we check whether it is ethical or not? To check if a piece of cloth is ethical or not do check three points of the cloth brand.

  • Environment: A piece of cloth needs to be environment friendly for being ethical. Many wastes come out of the factory manufacturing clothes. So it is needed to proper wastage of the wastes to become an ethical brand.
  • Animals: Avoid using animals for clothes. Brands used fur, angora, skin, wool, leather for earring more on the clothes. But its a harassment of animals and illegal too. 
  • Workers: Last but not least the workers of the factory must be getting living wages. If a worker working hard is not earning enough and they are not safe then, the brand is not at all ethical. 

Is Old Navy Ethical?

Old Navy brand is not ethical after considering the factors. If Old Navy is ethical or not should be judged by three aspects. Have a glimpse over these points to judge by yourself.

  • Environmental Aspect: The Old Navy brand has a Carbon Disclosure Project. The project helps in the case of water security which is a great step indeed for environmental protection. It has also protection for the emission of greenhouse durian production. But as three is no evidence of this claim we can’t be sure of this. They must take some more steps towards environmental aspects for being ethical. So it’s a 50-50 ethical in from environmental aspects. 
  • Animal Aspects: The cloth store brand Old Navy does not use animal skin, or angora. That is also a great step for animal welfare indeed. But the defective part of the brand is it uses animal hair, wool, and leather. This stuff from animals helps them for greater befit in compared to investment. They have to invest less in animals but can get more benefits out of it. They should not use even a single piece of stuff from animals. 
  • Workers Aspects: This is the last thing an owner should do is pay the wages of workers. There is no step towards workers’ safety and living at Old Navy. Covid pandemic was a curse on human life which is still going on. In that time we must help each other. But at Old Navy, there was no evidence of workers living wages safely during the pandemic. But after that, they have initiated some steps towards laborers’ rights and ensuring payment of the worker’s living wages. 

Summing up the whole thing Old Navy has been rated at the starting point of being ethical. They are in the initial steps to achieve the title of being ethical. To become completely ethical they must take some more steps for greenhouse emission gases and avoid using animals for their benefit. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the tag for Old Navy in case of being ethical?

Ans: They have been rated as “It’s a start” for being ethical.

Q. What can an unethical cloth brand impact on the environment?

Ans: Water usage, chemical outcomes, and greenhouse gas emission are the impact on the environment by an unethical cloth brand.

Q. What are the ethical cloth brands?

Ans: Adidas, Levi’s, TOMS, People Tree, Reformation, Patagonia are some of the ethical clothing brands. They are not harsh upon animals, the environment, and workers at their stores. 

Is Old Navy Ethical?-Know More

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