What is Parcel Select Lightweight?

For light packages, Parcel Select Lightweight is an economical ground delivery service that is designed for bulk entries including those made at a destination facility. Parcel Select is a ground delivery service designed for bulk entries, along with incoming bulk packages. 

What is Parcel Select Lightweight?

Unlike Priority Mail, UPS, and FedEx ground services, this service offers per-ounce pricing, making it cheaper than the pound-based rates offered by those services.

Parcel Post mail has no longer been offered by the US Postal Service since it stopped offering it in 2008, more than eight years ago. In its place, the US Postal Service introduced two different mail delivery services that customers can use:- 

Postage can be ordered directly from the post office through USPS Standard Post. 

Postal Select Lightweight is a part of USPS Parcel Select, which offers online postage services only.

Parcel Select Lightweight

U.S. Postal Service offers an economical ground shipping option called USPS Parcel Select Lightweight. Over 50,000 packages are shipped every year by companies using this service. 

A package’s weight must range between 3.5 and 16 ounces. 

The price of using this service is usually lower than other USPS services like Priority Mail.

Whether a package costs more or less depends on distance and weight – it doesn’t matter how big it is. Postal Service mail class is the cheapest ground delivery option available. Designed specifically for packages weighing less than a pound, Parcel Select Lightweight allows you to ship small packages quickly and easily. 

Price of Parcel Select Lightweight

The Parcel Select Lightweight program offers ounce-based rates, drastically lowering the cost of parcel delivery compared to other packages with pound-based rates.

The primary reason for this is that it offers per-ounce rates, while other services charge by the pound. For example, USPS Priority Mail, UPS, and FedEx charge between $5 and $7 for 1-lb packages, with the price increase based on how far the package must travel. 

Unlike comparable services, Parcel Select Lightweight packages cost an average of $1.38 to $3.20, less than half the cost of other similar packages. Customers can save up to 50% on comparable services due to the pricing structure. 

Delivery Timings

Parcels shipped via Parcel Select Lightweight service can be expected to arrive in 2 to 9 business days at addresses within the 48 contiguous states. 

Packages being delivered in Alaska, Hawaii, or a United States territory can take longer to arrive (10 and 14 days) than packages being delivered elsewhere in the U.S. 

The mainstream can be accessed by parcels that are sorted and then entered through one of three points:  

  1. (DNDC), Determination Network Distribution Center, 
  2. DSCF (Destination Sectional Center Facility) 
  3. DDU (Destination Delivery Unit).

Steps to Get Started

It’s always easiest to get started with Parcel Select Lightweight services by registering for a free account at Stamps.com and getting acquainted with the administrative interface. 

This site has an intuitive administrative control panel (especially for mobile devices) and everything is already set up so that Parcel Select Lightweight deliveries can take place right away. To get this kind of service up and running you won’t need to mess around with the admin panel very much. 

Tracking Services

Whenever you order from Parcel Select Lightweight, you will get 100% free delivery confirmation along with tracking information on your package.

The customer will also get tracking information for their order when they access the platform you choose. With the platform that you choose, not only will you receive delivery and tracking confirmations directly to your administrative backend, but your customer will also receive them instantly.

When you select a Parcel Select Lightweight shipping company, a label is automatically generated by them, and the USPS handles everything itself, as part of its logistical master plan. 

No extra charge Is applied for tracking and delivery confirmation.

Why Should You Use Parcel Select Lightweight?

Normally, USPS Priority Mail, UPS Ground, and FedEx Ground handle packages over 16 ounces. These services are not necessary for shippers of eCommerce packages. 

FedEx and UPS charge between $5 and $7 for delivering a pound of cargo, depending on how deep a shipper can sort their shipments. Parcel Select’s rates for light-weight shipments range from $1.38 to $3.20 – that’s less than half of what the big three charge.

You should be using it if you ship over 50k packages a year and your customers expect deliveries in two to nine business days.


Package Selection Lightweight is a USPS ground delivery service that is most commonly used by businesses shipping packages in bulk. The prices of the service vary according to where it is purchased, how much weight the packages are, and how often the business ships.

Faster delivery times may not matter to you as long as shipping costs are lower. The shipping method uses ounce-based rates rather than pound-based rates and is an excellent alternative to USPS Priority Mail, UPS, or FedEx.

Even so, that is something worth considering, particularly if you are already using a different mailing partner.

What is Parcel Select Lightweight?

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