Does Spanx available at Macy’s?

Macy’s is one of the most well-known department retailer stores in the U.S. With over 500 stores nationwide, they offer numerous items for sale. From clothing to home furniture, they have it all. Spanx is an underwear company in the U.S. that specializes in making clothes. These clothes, shapewear, aids the user to appear thinner and shapelier. It is a must-have item and Macy’s shoppers will want to know if they can find this item in stores or online. Let’s see what I found out after looking in on this subject. Does Spanx available at Macy’s?

Does Macys Carry Spanx?

Yes, Spanx is available at Macy’s. You can go in-store or even order your desired item online. Macy’s carries a variety of Spanx items to choose from. 

Now that you know that Macy’s stocks Spanx and that these items are not only available in-store but online as well, let us have a closer look at the Spanx brand and Macy’s stores.

All About Spanx, The Origin Story

Spanx was created and then launched by Sara Blakely in the year 2000. The idea came to the former Walt Disney employee when she was out on the street, selling fax machines door-to-door.

Inspiration hit after she tried to find a pantyhose that did not roll up after she cut the area that closes over the toes.

She was looking for something to wear that would be professional, make her look good, and feel comfortable at the same time.

She used her life’s savings and created something that did not only add comfort but also helped the user appear thinner and shapelier than they actually were.

She patented the products and then launched them after coming up with the name ‘Spanx’. Eventually, these items became an instant hit.

Sara got a meeting with a Neiman Marcus representative and showed him just how much Spanx worked as she changed in the same restroom into a pair of Spanx.

This meeting helped her business grow as her items were then sold in Neiman Marcus stores. Other stores soon followed this, and Spanx became a nationwide hit.

What Other Brands of Underwear Does Macy’s Stock?

Macy’s, being such a large department store, offers a wide range of all items and will most definitely stock more underwear and clothing brands than Spanx alone.

Let’s have a look at other brands you could find in their stores.

  • Nike
  • Jockey
  • Adidas
  • Jordan
  • Mitchell and Ness
  • Stance
  • New Era

The list above mentions a few of the brands found at Macy’s. If you’d like to view all of them then it would be easier to check out their online store to search for any other brand you’d be interested in.

Where Else Can I Buy Spanx?

There are other clothing stores that stock Spanx throughout the U.S. You can purchase these items from many well-known clothing retailers’ online stores.

For example, has numerous items and products from the Spanx range and they’re not overly priced either.

RueLaLa is an online store that has a Spanx sale every once a month. Zulily is another site that offers clothing and fashion sales. They too stock Spanx, and they have sales on these products every two to three months.

Stores that also carry a range of items from the Spanx brand, both in-store and on their websites, are Walmart, Target, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, and Dillard’s.

There are more department stores and online fashion stores that sell Spanx, but you could always choose to purchase your favorite Spanx item directly from their online store,

What Products are Offered by Spanx?

Even though Spanx started as an underwear and shapewear manufacturer, now they have broadened their range of items offered. I’ve listed the items you can shop for below.

  • Leggings

These are comfortable feeling and looking pants that keep one’s tummy looking flat and the lower half of the body shapely as well.

  • Pants

Pants made from comfortable material are high-waisted and sit perfectly on one’s body.

  • Denim

Here, Spanx has flare jeans and skinny jeans in range. You can trust that the material is high quality and comfortable.

  • Shapewear

These are the items that help keep one looking shapelier and thinner. Items include bodysuits, tanks, camisoles, slips, hosiery, and more. They were specifically created to help give you that hourglass shape.

  • Active

These are designed for those who like to keep fit. The items under this range keep you comfortable whilst working out.

  • Bras
  • Underwear
  • Clothing

Spanx has a variety of clothing. Ranging from swimwear, pants, tops, denim pants and jackets, skirts, shorts, and arm tights. They also have wearables for expecting mothers, as well as a men’s section.


Macy’s does carry Spanx, both in-store and online. They have a variety of Spanx clothing to shop from and more.

You can shop for selected brands from department stores other than Macy’s. There are online and department stores that offer you Spanx clothing and shapewear at reasonable, affordable prices.

Does Spanx available at Macy’s?

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