Barnes & Noble Return Policy-Know more

Barnes & Noble is the biggest bookstore in the United States and recently its sales have increased due to the COVID-19 pandemic. One can find books, magazines, graphic novels, DVDs, games, music, and more at the store, all of it while enjoying a Starbucks coffee. Since Barnes & Noble offers a large variety of products, it has different policies regarding returns and refunds. Let’s have a look at ‘Barnes & Noble Return Policy’.

Barnes & Noble Return Policy

Items are classified as returnable and non-returnable at Barnes & Noble. The former articles have specific timeframes that customers need to acknowledge to get their refund and a successful return. The process to return a product bought in-store is also different than the followed to return an online purchased product.

Returnable items and timeframes

The items you can return (bought at the store or online) along with their timeframes are the following:

  • Within 30 days from original purchase:
  • Books: New and unread.
  • Audiobooks: Undamaged and unopened. 
  • CDs: Undamaged and unopened. 
  • DVDs: Undamaged and unopened. 
  • Electronics: Undamaged and unopened. 
  • Vinyl records: Undamaged and unopened. 
  • Toys or games: Undamaged and unopened. 
  • Within 14 days from original purchase:
  • NOOK devices: Undamaged.

*A NOOK is an e-reader developed by Barnes & Noble that enables a user to access up to 1,500 books, PDFs, and audiobooks. The device is compatible with Android and the average cost is $150. 

Defective, damaged, or opened CDs, DVDs, vinyl records, toys/games, audiobooks, or electronics apply for an exchange, but for the same item. In contrast, used books, magazines, eBooks, or newspapers are NOT exchangeable or returnable. 

Non-returnable items

The items that can’t be returned or exchanged after purchase, disregarding their condition, are:

  • Downloaded purchases 
  • NOOK digital content
  • Gift-cards
  • Bulk orders (more than 50 copies)

*In case of having problems with digital content purchased, customers are encouraged to contact the store. 

How to return at Barnes & Noble?

In-Store Bought Items

Customers only have to bring the item and its purchase receipt to any Barnes & Noble store to get their refund. This will be made in form of the original payment method. 

Online Bought Items

Follow the instructions in the packaging slip received with the purchase. If the packaging slip is unavailable, you can:

  1. Pack the items to return in a box.
  2. Write order’s number on the outside.
  3. Include the Shipping Confirmation email (received after purchase) in the box. 
  4. Ship the package to:

Barnes & Noble

Returns Department

1 Barnes and Noble Way

Monroe Township, NJ 08831

NOOK devices

An undamaged NOOK device can either be returned or shipped to any Barnes & Noble. However, in the latter case, you should call 1-800-THE-BOOK (843-2665)  to get a refund authorization. Without this, the article will not be refunded even if it has already been shipped. 

The address to ship the NOOK to is:

Barnes and Noble Return Center

5 Barnes and Noble Way

Monroe, NJ 08831

Articles with a gift receipt

To return a gifted item, customers must show the gift receipt at the counter of a local Barnes & Noble. Please, notice that the refund will be made in form of store credit or a gift card. 


Any return and exchange attempt will be denied in case the customer doesn’t have the purchase receipt of the item. Also, this process will be denied if the product to return or exchange is not carried by the store. Finally, returns whose original payment was made with a check, will not proceed after 7 days from the purchase. 

Paypal payments will be refunded in form of a Barnes & Noble gift card. 

Additionally, items that are part of the “Buy One, Get One” sale only apply for exchange. A total refund will only be issued in case all items purchased with the sale are returned. The timeframe applicable for this type of product is also 30 days after the original purchase. 

Holiday Returns

The only holiday taken into consideration by the return policy is during December. According to it, Barnes & Noble extends their timeframes to return in this way: All items purchased in the last two months of the year (November and December) can be returned until January, 31 of the next year. This exception applies to all kinds of products, including NOOK devices.


Barnes & Noble not only has infinite products were to choose from but its return and refund policies are also meant to provide each of its customers the right service. By being sure that your product applies for a return, you can easily take it to the local bookstore and get a refund in the form of the original payment, or even ship the article by following the packaging slip received with it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do shipping fees are included in refunds issued by Barnes & Noble?

No, they’re not.

When can I see the refund reflected in my credit account?

The store doesn’t specify that information, but it’s compromised to do it after receiving your item. 

Barnes & Noble Return Policy-Know more

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