What channel is BBC America on DirecTV?

The BBC, or British Broadcasting Corporation, it’s the biggest and the oldest broadcaster in the world. It was formed in 1922, and it employs more than 22,000 people. And, for many people, this is the best broadcasting network in the world. Let us know ‘What channel is BBC America on DirecTV?’.

What channel is BBC America on DirecTV?

As it is commonly known, the BBC has played a vital role in the United Kingdom. And it offers a broad spectrum of services, like news, series, films, talk shows, and more. And, we can all agree that the BBC has had a significant impact on the world as well, not just the United Kingdom.

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Well, this is to such an extent that there is BBC America. It was initiated back in 1998; that’s quite a while. And as of today, 90 million households receive BBC America in the United States.

BBC Studios and AMC Network own BBC America. 


AMC is a more modest company, employing a little more than 2000 people. But they also have the goods. For example, thanks to them, we have shows like Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. Or Boyhood and The Walking Dead. Or Mad Men. Those are some of the biggest classics of the past decades. Alright, they don’t have The Sopranos, which belongs to HBO, but still. And they are in 125 countries around the world. They say they are the leaders in “targeted subscription streaming.” Well, with that kind of resume, can you blame them? 

Where to watch?

And, where can you watch BBC America on DirecTV? Well, that’s very simple, it is on channel 264. 

What to watch? 

And, if you are there, you can watch all sorts of content. For example, you can watch films like Eraser (1996), with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Fury (2014), with Brad Pitt, Rambo (1982) with Sylvester Stallone; so, entertainment from the United States and Hollywood. To shows like The Graham Norton Show, that is all British. You can watch most of the X- films. You have vampire movies like Underworld. Documentaries like Planet earth: life. You can even watch Star Trek. The super classic story of Sherlock Holmes is now adapted with the name of Holmes & Watson. Monty Python’s Flying Circus and film classics like A Few Good Men, with Tom Cruise and Demi Moore. You can even watch the classic of classics of the BBC: Doctor Who.

But you have it all: documentaries, films, series. Whatever you like, it’s there. And it’s all quality, as you can see. No garbage or fillers. Pure quality content for your precious time. 

You can even watch some sports. They host the World Darts Championships. Yes, that’s a thing. And you can watch it here. 

And don’t forget about the news! You can also watch the news there. So, you get informed in the morning and entertained at night. And educated all along.

In short, you have the best of the United States entertainment and the best from the British entertainment. All this with one channel. Isn’t that awesome? 


DirecTV is based in El Segundo, California. It is a multichannel video programming distributor. It was launched in 1994. They have about 16 million subscribers. Those are houses, though, so a lot more people watch it. You can even watch sports on DirecTV, something lacking on BBC America, but If you have your DirecTV in your house, then you have it all. 

And you can watch it on planes too. For example, Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, and JetBlue all have DirecTV. 

You have options; embrace them. 

If you don’t have BBC America, you know how to get it. And also, you know why you should get it. If you already have it, enjoy it as you probably have been doing all this time. 


So, remember, BBC America on DirecTV is on channel 264. There are tons of things to watch. And all have quality and substance. It is a channel with British culture, but with the American flag. It is almost as if independence had not happened. And DirecTV is an excellent multichannel video programming distributor that you can also bring into your house to watch many good channels. 


How do I get BBC America?

If you live in the United States, and you get in your house cable or satellite, it is very likely that you already have BBC America. 

Does Canada have BBC America?

They have their channel: BBC Canada. It is another thing, but the same at the same time. 

Does BBC America have a mobile app to watch shows there?

Yes, they do. They have an app that works on both Android and iPhone. 

Does BBC America edit the movies that they show?

Yes, they do. Like many companies that show a lot of content, they edit the obscenities and the nudity for specific audiences. 

What channel is BBC America on DirecTV?

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