Are Chemist Warehouse Perfumes Real?

Are Chemist Warehouse Perfumes Real?

With over 8000 staff members providing products at a cheap rate, Chemist Warehouse is a chain of 350 retail stores, becoming Australia’s Largest Pharmacy Retailer. They consist of health products, perfumes, weight-loss cosmetics, and baby care products at affordable prices. They carry a good number of regular customers, and their products are vastly recommended locally and overseas. Let’s know ‘Are Chemist Warehouse Perfumes Real?’

There is no robust proof that their products are fake, but no serious complaint against the company for fraud or deception has been made yet. Chemist Warehouse’s main objective is to sell supplemented pharmaceutical merchandise at a good discount. Sometimes, the company faces criticism for being suspicious of providing fake products, since their discount rates are unrealistically high.

Why Are Their Products Cheap?

Chemist warehouses do large volumes of trade that give them better opportunities for business than their opponents. If a Company is trading a large number of commodities, then it can sell its goods at low prices. Low prices meant more customers, and it result in profit, allowing them to have a bigger budget to trade more goods.

It’s a cycle on loop. However, some of their products are not up to the mark in originality and are claimed to be bought from the grey market.

What Is Grey Market?

The Grey Market is unofficial, though it is not illegal. It is a place where the import and sale of goods by unauthorized retailers takes place. Usually, the products sold and bought in the grey market are secondary choices that are mostly suspended from trade, are obsolete, or limitedly degraded. One can find the commodity they need at very cheap prices, but there are high chances of the product being fake or deranged.

The point of being associated with the grey market has nothing to do with the original of the products that Chemist Warehouse sells. Listening to Chemist warehouse’s customers, most of them are satisfied with the quality of perfumes. Also, they cannot complain against a little bluntness because they are purchasing the product at a very good discount. 

Are Chemist Warehouse’s Perfumes Fake?

There are quite a lot of arguments going on regarding the specific topic, mostly because a brandy product is too good to be sold at such low prices. It has been claimed by many famous consultants like Mia Morrison that ‘Perfumes from Chemist Warehouse does not produce genuine fragrances’. She addressed that brands like Chanel and Dior never discount their authentic perfumes.

Their rights to sell have been given to a particular organization, and if the Product is not sold by that organization, then it is very likely to be fake. An opposing statement from one of the members of Chemist Warehouse for Mia Morrison’s claim is that their products are completely non-defected and trustworthy. However, the company does large volumes of trade which allows it to provide cheaper goods, catering to a wide number of people.

They state that their main business is pharmacy, not fragrance, and they have strictly denied every allegation that concludes them dealing with the grey market. Also, even if they were dealing, the grey market does not mean fake. It simply lacks a bit of authenticity towards the product.

Hints To Detect Whether A Perfume Is Fake Or Not

  1. If the price is too cheap, there is a good chance that its quality has been degraded.
  2. Do not buy from people who are reselling perfumes. Most of them are scams.
  3. If one doesn’t know the brand very well, have it checked at a local departmental store. You may find the following hints:
  • Messy or loose Cellophane
  • Excessive Glue on the exterior packaging
  • Thin Material
  • Misspelled/Uneven brand name
  • Barcode Location at the side of perfume.

If the product contains any of these characteristics then there are bright chances of the product being fake.


Chemist Warehouse is a trustable chain of retail stores that sells pharmaceutical products at a reasonable discount. Their perfumes are suspected of being fake because sometimes, their prices are too much low as compared to Departmental Stores’ prices. The bigger the trade is, the cheaper the products. So, there is no strong proof of Chemical Warehouse selling fake perfumes. However, if one wants to check the originality of their product, they could always take it to a local departmental store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is The Ceo Of Chemist Warehouse? 

The company was founded by Jack Gance. He made his brother, Same Gance, the CEO of Chemist Warehouse because of his excellent leadership skills at managing the Company at international trade.

How Much Is Chemist Warehouse Delivery Charge?

Chemist Warehouse orders free shipping for any order more than $50. For orders under $50, they provide a flat rate of $8.9.

Is Chemist Warehouse Safe?

Chemist warehouses use a system called eWay Gateway Services. It consists of the best security codes and methods. So, yes, Chemist Warehouse is safe for business.

Are Chemist Warehouse Perfumes Real?

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