Does Flight Centre Have Payment Plans?-Read To Know

Flight Centre:

Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG) was co-founded by Graham Turner and Geoff Harris in 1982. It is an Australian travel agency company, and the headquarter is situated in Brisbane, Australia. Flight Centre opened its first store in Sydney, Australia, in 1982. In 1995, Flight Centre United Kingdom and Flight Centre Canada were established. There are several subsidiary branches of Flight Centre Travel Group.And flight centre have payment plans also

• Infinity Holidays

• GOGO vacations 

• Stage and screen 

• Corporate Traveller 

• Cievents

• Discover 

• StudnetUniverse, was acquired by the company in the year 2017.

• FCM Travel Solutions 

• Liberty Travel

• Aunt Betty

• Flight Centre Exclusives

Does Flight Centre Have Payment Plans?

Flight Centre Travel Group has extended its business over the globe by now and operates independently in nearly all the major regions of the world. FCTG works in Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, the United States of America, South Africa, India, China, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Canada and Mexico, Finland, Norway, Switzerland, Spain, Sweden, Ireland, and licensed itself in more than 90 countries. Apart from operating as a travel company, Flight Centre Travel Group invests in different sectors and fields like corporate sectors, student and youth sectors, travel-related start-ups, none travel business, and leisure market.

A Quick Answer: Does Flight Centre Have Payment Plans?

Yes,Flight Centre have many different payment plans. A deposit fee is mandatory while making a booking with Flight Centre. Online options include Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal. Cash or Cheque payment is an offline option. Cancellation charges are also applied.

Price of traveling:

The price of the tickets is based on availability and other important factors and conditions. The price can be changed at any time due to external or forced conditions like taxes, airfares, fuel surcharges, currency fluctuations, and many more. The customer will be informed about the changes in the price before the confirmed booking and making the final payment. 

Payment plans of Flight Centre Travel Group:

  • Deposit and Final payment: While making any booking with Flight Centre Group, it is necessary to pay the deposit fees. And according to Australian consumer laws, deposit fees are not refundable. One must discuss all these things with their travel agents or 

Consult before booking any tickets with the company. The price of the tickets centralmight vary between the time of consultation and that of making payment due to the reasons mentioned above. Paying deposit confirms your seat. 

  • Change and cancellation:

Under Australian consumer law, the following fees will apply to the changes or cancellation of the booking. 

  • the cancellation of international booking: will incur a fee of $300 per person and the additional fee of the consultant or agency.
  • the cancellation of domestic/Trans-Tasman booking: will incur a cancellation fee of $50 per person and additional travel service provider fees.
  • changes to international bookings: will incur a fee of $75 per person and additional service provider fees.
  • changes to domestic/Trans-Tasman booking: will incur a fee of $30 per person and additional travel service provider fees.

This cancellation and additional fees include the reasonable, direct, and indirect costs of time and efforts made by the company and travel service provider.

  • Cancellation due to the extraordinary or unavoidable situation:

In such a situation, either the Flight Centre Travel Group, according to its policy, or the travel agency will provide the customer travel credit for the total amount paid. 

Payment Methods

Online Payment Options:

  • Credit card or debit card 
  • PayPal
  • POLi
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay

Offline Payment Options:

  • Cash payment for less than $10,000 per booking
  • Credit card and Debit card
  • B-Pay
  • Cheque payment
  • PayPal 

Credit and Debit cards: 

  • Credit cards surcharges 0.80% for Visa, 0.50% for MasterCard, 0.80% for American Express and 2.5% for Diner’s Club.
  • Debit card surcharges 0.39% for debit card Visa, 0.27% for debit card MasterCard.

Cash payment limit: Cash payment above $10,000 for one booking cannot be accepted by the company as it is against the Federal Legislation.

Apple Pay and Google pay Surcharge of 0.52% when paying with apple pay or Google pay.

  1. PayPal: a surcharge of 1% applied when paying with Paypal.
  2. POLi: no additional fees are charged if payment is made through POLi. But this mode can be used only for online bookings.
  3. Payment through B-Pay: this mode is applicable only for offline payments. But the processing takes two business days. So the customer must keep this thing in mind and then make the booking two days before traveling.
  4. Cheque payment: This mode of payment is applicable only for offline bookings. And the process takes five business days, so the booking should be made five days before the due date.
Does Flight Centre Have Payment Plans?-Read To Know

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