Does eBay Do Cashback?- Know More

eBay is a multinational e-commerce company that has services for buyer to buyer and seller to buyer. It is an American company, and its headquarter is in California. eBay is well-known for its goods and services products. On September 3rd, 1995, the company was started, and they have their business operation in more than 32 countries. eBay has everything that a person is looking for, and it also has online auction sales on its official website. Jamie Iannone is the company CEO. More than 15,000 employees work on eBay. You can also transact money online on eBay. They have different policies and terms for their customers. Further, we will read about Does eBay Do Cashback?

Does eBay Do Cashback

Does eBay do cashback?

Yes, eBay does cashback only from the gift card purchased products. If the product is not delivered or damaged, they refund you the original shipping price and actual payment. There is a different website that has a cash back policy for each product only if purchased from the gift card.  The products are refunded, and they have a policy of money-back guarantee which works for all the products. It takes 21 days for all the payment procedures, and you can buy anything from the official website. You have to issue a refund and tell your problem regarding the product delivered. If the seller doesn’t refund you within ten days, you have to file a complaint to the company and take the money-back policy.

How does eBay do cashback?

eBay cashback is made only on the gift card purchase. You cannot get cashback on the return of the product or have unpaid for the product. Even if you buy with eBay credit, you won’t be able to get a cashback on the product. There are different offers available on different website that shows cashback offers. eBay only does cashback if you purchase anything with your gift card, and if you buy with your credit card, you won’t get any cashback from the company. You can buy a few things from your gift card.

eBay money-back guarantee policy:

The money-back policy states that if the consumer doesn’t get the product, they will be paid back. For the seller, it is necessary to pay back the amount for the product. If the seller’s return policy doesn’t work, you can file a complaint against it. If the product is damaged or not delivered, then the company applies a money-back policy for their consumer. You have to file a refund complaint, and then you can wait for a response from the buyer or the company. To activate the money-back policy, you need to file a refund complaint to the company for the refund policy.

How many days does it take to refund money?

It takes three to five days for your refund. If the buyer doesn’t accept the return policy, you can report against the buyer and apply for a money-back policy. You have to wait for three days but don’t wait more than thirty days. If the refund isn’t made, you can return the product. They refund you through an online procedure, and they refund it from the PayPal app for quick payment. For the return process, you have to login into your account and select the want to return my product. Select the product you want to return and follow the process ahead.

How does eBay refund?

eBay has a refund policy or guarantees for the product. Either you will get a refund, or else you will get the product you wanted. Once you file a refund complaint, it is the responsibility of the seller to pay the whole amount along with the shipping price. If the seller doesn’t refund within the given time, eBay refunds you the amount for the product damaged or not delivered on time. As a buyer, it is your responsibility to check the product properly when delivered. The process of refund takes place in three to five days. eBay refunds you through the Paypal app for a quick payment process, and all the payment is made through Paypal.

What is the procedure for returning the product?

  1. Go to the official website of eBay and login into your account. 
  2. When you request the returned product on the website, they will respond to you in a few hours. 
  3. You have to go on the website, select the returned product, go into the shopping history, select the product you want to return.
  4. Once you select the return option, you will have to give a reason such as damage, not as described, piece of the product is lost, etc. 
  5. Then you have to select to proceed, and after a few hours, you will receive a message from the company.


eBay does have cashback available, and the purchase should be made through a gift card. It is necessary to pay from the gift card to get some cashback benefits of the product. Also, there are different websites available for cashback. eBay also has a return policy with rules and regulations. You can purchase a few things from the gift card on eBay. For the cashback, you cannot pay with eBay credits. They also refund the product if it is damaged or not delivered. It is necessary to check the terms and conditions before buying the product. There can be 10-20% of cashback.

Does eBay Do Cashback?- Know More

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