Does lowe’s save a senior discount?-know more

If you’re in your fifties, you may be eligible for discounts on anything from hairdressers to fresh clothing. However, even if you’ve never done your homework or inquired about available options, you run the risk of missing out. “Mooresville,” “North Carolina-based Lowe’s Companies,” is a construction supplier and home renovation shop that has grown to be one of the biggest in the country.This is about Does lowe’s save a senior discount?

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Does lowe’s save a senior discount?

It is sad to acknowledge that Lowe’s does not entertain seniors aged 50 or above with any discount packages. While there are senior days for other stores and seniors get massive discounts, Lowe’s does not even give that. Yet, seniors can use their wisdom and enjoy savings in different ways from Lowe’s. Either with whole sale products purchased, online rebates, bargaining on slightly damaged packages or even more.Does lowe’s save a senior discount?

Lowe’s honors “National First Responders Day” by hosting events in its stores. All a customer has to do is sign up on the company’s website.

Discount for seniors at Lowe’s senior account

If people wish to receive a discount at Lowe’s, then they should compare costs at other locations. Like “Home Depot,” Lowe’s will do the price match. Lowe’s will compare and equal prices from internet merchants like Amazon. If a competitor’s virtual quotation includes postage costs, then Lowe’s will add these to the subtotal when price-matching.

How about bartering?

Check with a Lowe’s staffer if an item’s package is damaged or if it’s a floor model. There is no shame in bargaining for such small, damaged products. It can get a customer some big discounts.

Buy two and get one free.

Aside from the contractor bundles, Lowe’s provides volume discounts ranging from 5% to 50%. Building a house or renovating a large area will not be any cheaper with sparing use of Lowe’s coupon codes. Look for goods marked “Contractor Pack” in yellow to save money when buying in bulk. Similarly, inform a shop staff member that you expect to purchase in bulk at the ProServices counter.

Use the Lowe’s credit card.

If you intend to shop at Lowe’s for home improvement items often, the store’s “Advantage credit card” may be handy. 5% off storewide, special financing on orders over $299, or 84 fixed monthly bills on orders over $2,000.

Finally, these special benefits might help you save money on pricey renovation jobs. This 5% discount cannot be coupled with a military discount or the Price Match Guarantee.

Other special discounts at Lowe’s

Lowe’s also provides a “Military Personnel Discount,” which discounts most full-priced products by 10% when accompanied by an ID. No coupon code is necessary. A discount on this item is available for veterans, active-duty service members, and retirees of the US military and their families.

Shopping with Timing

Senior customers know mostly when to shop. Because shopping at the right time is the best way to get a heavy discount. The store specifies months for promos on their items.

From March to September, there are promos and discounts on outdoor decoration supplies, as well as garden, patio, and grill supplies. Whereas, from May to August, the deals get cheaper on flooring, paint, lighting, sinks, faucets, cabinets, and windows. Last but not least, during November and December, senior customers can get savings on DIY tools.

Rebates are a great place to look for the best and cheapest deals.

There are online rebate centers where customers can narrow down their search for appliances. Henceforth, seniors do not have to worry about losing promotions and discounts. Because all the information for every single appliance will be within their reach.

Plus, Lowe’s makes it very simple to compare and choose coupons and discounts compared to all the other stores out there.

Get in touch with it.

Just by getting registered with “MyLowe’s” online account, one can get easy returns. Also, people can get simple lists of shopping for the last items purchased and much more. Just by signing up with “Lowe’s,” customers get the opportunity to generate points for their discounts.

Later, when someone does shopping for more than $44, such a package can qualify for free delivery to their home. And there is even more to getting discounts. One may use their application on smart phones to get updates on promotions as well.

Some other stores that give senior discounts

Every day, people over the age of 55 may get 10% off their purchase at Michaels, an art supply shop. Only on “discount days” does Joann Fabrics and Crafts give a 20% discount to customers over the age of 55. Discount days are announced on the store’s website on a regular basis.

Thrift stores do have senior discounts.

Senior discounts at Salvation Army charity shops may be considerable. As reported by CBS, discounts at the shop range anywhere from 15% to 50% off for those aged 55 and above.

Seniors receive a discount on phone services.

If a senior is 55 or older, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon all offer subsidized phone lines. “AT & T” has a similar plan, although it is only available to individuals over 65.

Senior Discounts at Grocery

The grocery stores give senior discounts to people aged 60 and over. One supermarket chain, “Bi-Lo,” gives a 5 percent discount to seniors who have a SE Grocers Rewards card. If you’re 50 or older, you may get a 15% discount every Tuesday at the grocery retailer Beall’s.


This article gathers information for the senior discount at Lowe’s. There are no special discounts for seniors at Lowe’s. But there are more ways for seniors to get some, as discussed above. Also, this article specifies some other elated stores that offer discounts for seniors.

Frequently asked questions

  • Does AAA offer a Lowe’s discount?

No, there is no discount offer for AAA.

  • Who can get a discount at Lowes?

Police, firefighters, medical personnel, and first responders can get discounts at Lowe’s.

  • Does Home Depot give senior discounts?

No, they don’t entertain senior discount offers.

Does lowe’s save a senior discount?-know more

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