Walmart lost and found policy – know more

Walmart has different Multi-cuisines, and it is well-known for having many grocery shops, and it has a retail sector.  Walmart is known worldwide , and its headquarter is in Bentonville. The company was established in March 1918. Let’s know about Walmart lost and found policy.

Walmart lost and found policy

There are different kitchenware, households, products, complaints, and many more things for which Walmart has a website for all these products.  Walmart is the largest private employee, also has the largest grocery shop in the united state, etc. They also allow a computer networking system so that the supplier and the company get the best results. It can also lead to the growth of Walmart and its suppliers.

Walmart lost and found policy:

Walmart has a place for lost and found products. They keep the products for 90 days at their customer service desk. If you have lost something then, you should have a receipt or id proof for the product. There are unclaimed products disposed of after 90 days and could be sent to the address. If you have lost any of your products in the Walmart store, you can call them and let them know about your product. If your product is there in the store, you can show them your id proof and collect the product.

What to do if you lose something at the Walmart store?

If you have found or lost something in the Walmart store, you should head towards the customer service desk. The customer service desk keeps all the lost and found products for 90 days. If you have lost something, you need to give id proof, and if you have found something, go there and hand it over to the employee working there. If the product is in the Walmart store and you have forgotten to take it, you can call them and ask for your product. If the product is found in the store, you can collect it.

How many days do I have to file a claim against the lost product?

You have 90 days to claim against the lost product, and it also depends from store to store because the company doesn’t need to keep the lost and found products . If the product is lost, you can contact the customer service, and explain the problem you have. Almost all the companies keep the lost and found product in their store.

Can I claim a forgotten product that was paid for at Walmart?

You don’t need to claim but you have to contact the store and talk to the customer service. Customer service people handle all the products and are responsible for answering your query. You can show your purchased receipt at the customer service desk. They will give you the same product or else they can refund you. Once they verify the document, they will have only two options. You have to go to the store and ask for your product. If you cannot go to the store, contact them and tell them about your problem.

Can I claim the lost product purchased online?

Yes, you can claim a lost product that was purchased online. You can ask the company to give a refund or return the product. First, you have to file a claim about the lost product or ask the company to refund. The company has different shipments, and it might be that your product will be coming in that. If your product hasn’t come at the delivery, wait for two days and file a complaint. It is necessary to check the product. You can even contact them through mail or phone. You can also claim through the app or online.

How to file a claim?

  1. Go to the official website of Walmart and login into your account. 
  1. There will be an option for claims, and there are official websites for different claims. 
  1. Contact the customer service if you cannot find the website. 
  1. You can click on the claim option and proceed ahead.
  1. There will be information asked regarding the product answer, them correctly.
  1. Click on the submit option for a claim to be filed. 
  1. It is necessary to fill in all the information and check it before submitting it. 
  1. Once the claim is filed, wait for the response from the company.


Walmart ‘s lost and found policy has made people’s  life easier. You can find your lost product at the customer service desk and show the id proof to take the product with you. You have to show Id proof such as a driving license, military id and tribal id. If you lose a product, you can show the receipt and get a new one. The customer service is always there to respond to you.  If you have lost something, you should have a receipt or id proof for the product and you can call them and let them know about your missing product.

Walmart lost and found policy – know more

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