Does costco refill ink cartridges?-read to know


Refill a cartridge after you notice print quality degrade. empty cartridges refilling is the best way, rather than buying a new cartridge. Refilling empty cartridges is a good way to save your money if you need to print many documents, and find out the best quality ink and should stay away from the inferior quality of ink.Does Costco refill ink cartridges?

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Does costco refill ink cartridges?

Unfortunately, Costco announced it would close its store photo departments citing plummeting print sales on feb.14 because of lack of a demand for the services. After that announcement, you cannot refill the cartridges in the Costco stores  but you may purchase ink cartridges from Costco website. 

Reason behind the closing Costco photo stores.

· COVID-19 pandemic

Many businesses have been affected during the COVID-19 pandemic. retailers and brands face different types of challenges in the business, so Costco is also facing the problems in the business. Costco has been asked by retailers whether it took all remaining orders back to the stores. 

· Costco notified its members via email: –

In an electronic mail Costco announced that “since introducing camera phones and social media, the need for printing photos has steeply declined, even though the number of pictures taken continues to grow. After careful consideration, we have determined the continued decline of printers no longer requires on-site photo printing”.

 Costco has stopped other services.

 Costco still gives other services. Costco only announced that all photo departments, including passport photos, film development, video transfers and photo restoration in its stores have closed. Dell, HP, and Lexmark are some brands of ink that you can refill at Costco. You can get a list on the Costco website.  

What is the effect on costco refilling ink cartridges industries?

Costco has refilled ink cartridges services in many locations to do this in photo stores. Costco provides a cheap cost of refilling and also reduces wastage by recycling. When stores closed, Costco members faced many problems like customers having to go to another substitute, ink quality is not good.

 Now the ink refilling costs and printer costs may be increased by companies, but that will affect social media and camera phones.

 Can you connect online with Costco services?

Costco has not closed its online photo stores. Remaining photo products will still be available for online photo centres like making prints, stationary and customised greeting cards and customers can still make photo books, calendars and other gifts, and that related order can be shipped to the stores and picked up by you. Costco printing services are also available online.


You cannot refill in Costco stores, because Costco announced on 14 February,2021 that the services of Costco would be discontinued. That sign is not good for all photo printing industries. 

Frequently asked questions

  • Can I refill any ink in my printer cartridges?

Yes, you can refill any kind of ink in your printer cartridges. refilling your ink cartridges is dependent on business or usage of printed documents so you may use good quality ink. If you use a good quality of ink, it gives you good value and long-lasting advantage.

 You can gain many refilled ink cartridges if you purchase it on the internet. These are new printer cartridges that work great, with the only difference being that they are not made by the original manufacturer.

  • How many times can I refill an ink cartridge?

You can use ink cartridges approx. seven times, but if you use empty cartridges, you always remember that you do not leave your cartridge to dry out for too long. That process helps to increase your cartridges’ life.

  • Are we getting a substitute for the refilling ink cartridges of Costco?

Yes, there are many substitute brands available in the market, so you can easily get the substitute of Costco ink cartridge. You can visit these brands.


   – Brother

    – Lexmark

     – Epson

  • Can you recycle the empty cartridges?

Yes, you can recycle ink cartridges. If your cartridges are unused and unopened, unused cartridges are not recycled because it is a good chance to work properly. mostly third-parties recycling the ink cartridge are also available for toners. Some non-profit organisations focus on recycling waste like computers and printers.

  • Is it necessary to buy a new cartridge?

It depends on your ink cartridge condition. If your cartridge has dried, you must buy new cartridges or if your ink cartridges refill two-three times, you can refill more rather than buy a new one.   

  • Are several refilling ink cartridges damaged to the printer?

No, several refills do not damage the printer. When empty ink cartridges are used with new ink to bring back the ink cartridges into usable form. This is ok since these ink cartridges are good to throw away in the first place.

Does costco refill ink cartridges?-read to know

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