Does Viva Aerobus have Wi-Fi?

Viva Aerobus was created in 2006. It started small, but very soon, it grew into what it is today: They Operate in more than 58 destinies with more than 166 routes. Their headquarters are in Monterrey. Here you can get the answer to ‘Does Viva Aerobus have Wi-Fi?’.

Does Viva Aerobus have Wi-Fi?

They have done it with so much success that they already have a total of 44 planes flying around the world. And they don’t just travel in México, they have international flights as well. They go to the United States, Cuba, and Central America. 

Is Viva Aerobus have Wi-Fi?

Well, to begin with, we will tell you it is no Wi-fi. For the moment, Viva Aerobus does not have Wi-fi on its planes. 

However. Can national flights in a low-cost company have movies and series? Just like international flights? Well, apparently, they can. In another cutting-edge move, Viva Aerobus has implanted the new Viva Play. It is a device used via Wi-fi, where you can stream movies, series, music, games, sports, news, and more. 

All this, from the device of your choice. So, for example, you are flying from Cancún to México. That is, usually these days, a two-hour flight. That’s not a lot. Usually, you would read, look out the windowpane, or talk to someone next to you if you weren’t flying alone. 

Well, those days are behind us now. Now, you can use that time looking at a movie, a series, podcast, reading a digital book, watching a game of your favorite sport, or catching up on the news. Yes. All this in a small flight inside the same country. 

How to access Viva Play?

It seems like joining a Wi-Fi network, but it’s not. Now, to access Viva Play, you have to activate your Wi-fi on your phone and enter the network of Viva Play. Then once you do all that, you enter and enter the code given to you when you buy your ticket, and then it’s time to play.


Is it free? No, it is not. However, it is very cheap to acquire the service. It costs a little less than two dollars, with some slight variations (of cents of a dollar), and it is already included on some packages. 

As of last year, half of their planes already had the service. And they said that at the end of 2021, they would all have it. So…

You can access the service once you buy the ticket. 

What to watch?

You can watch films such as Joker, Tenet and Elf. Or even space Jam 2. Or series like West Word and the Big Bang Theory. Or many more shows. 

Viva Viva Aerobus 

With VivaAerobus, inside México, you can practically fly everywhere. They travel to as many as 42 cities in the country. In fourteen years of service, they have transported more than 64 million people from city to city and have more than 2000 collaborators.

As they say on their website ( their objective is to connect people and help them do business, meet their loved ones, do tourism around the country; all this with low-cost tickets. And they say they want to be the airline everybody wants to use in all America. Alright, they have a long way to go for that, but they sure have made progress in that direction. 

Pros and cons of Viva Play

The pros are you have top-notch entertainment. You can watch some sports on your short flight, so you don’t miss the game while you fly. You can watch a movie. Maybe you can see that cheesy movie you feel guilty about seeing. A flight is an excellent opportunity for that. Or listen to a podcast; they are trendy nowadays. 

The cons are, well, you don’t get to talk to people anymore. Of course, if you are traveling alone, this is not a problem. However, if you are not, maybe talking to people is better. What can beat a good two-hour conversation with a good friend or a family member? 


Viva is doing things right. Although you don’t have Wi-fi, it will feel like you do. Because what do you use Wi-fi for? Check the news, watch a movie, maybe a game. That’s what it’s all about. And that is precisely what Viva is giving you. A perfect substitute for Wi-fi. For all you care, you have it. And all for less than two dollars. The longest flight in México is from Cancún to Tijuana, lasting around four hours. And they are both cities that you should know, hence, the flight is very recommendable. There are also shorter flights, like Oaxaca Mexico City, that shouldn’t be even an hour long. But now you will get good entertainment to spend that time for a tiny amount of money.

Come enjoy México with Viva! 

Does Viva Aerobus have Wi-Fi?

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