Iberia Loyalty Program- Eligibility and Benefits

Iberia loyalty program

The market has shifted towards being customer-oriented instead of being dominated by the service provider because the customers are the ones that pay the manufacturers or the service provider the money looking for the product according to the dissatisfaction and worth. On the other hand, it becomes extremely important for a service provider to adjust according to the market trend keeping customer orientation at first. Iberia Airlines has Iberia plus for the loyal customers who regularly travel and Iberia VIP for exclusive customers. Let’s know about the Iberia loyalty program.

Iberia loyalty program

Iberia VIP program is not a part of the Iberia Loyalty program. The Iberia VIP card is only offered to the customers who are taking expensive services regularly, giving them the Exclusivity of the service. Iberia VIP is like black and gold cards exclusive to VIP members, giving them the perks and the gratitude of being a VIP customer. Coming into the Loyalty program is for the customers who always travel with Iberia Airlines, getting any kind of services for one to travel each time connected with Iberia earns a loyalty card or Iberia Plus.

The card has benefits like:

  • Extra discount is always on the list of loyalty cardholders, and one can easily redeem the points they are earning in the purchases that are being made online or on the flight.
  • There is also an option that you will be getting extra complimentary snacks more than the regular users if you are a cardholder. There is a proper segmentation of cardholder status going from 0 to 100 that one must ask for more benefits.
  • There is also an extended period of offers for cardholders, and cardholders get special treatment from The Airlines staff.
  • One can also opt for exclusive benefits only to cardholders concerning regular travellers.
  • The card can also get you stuff related to the online store that Iberia maintains. Also, it is important to know that the cardholders of loyalty cards are given Avios. Avios points are given per dollar is 3. 
  • It probably Doubles when the loyalty card has more points. It keeps on upgrading and multiplying itself. Spanish products will have more discounts for you as loyalty cardholders of the USA promote the culture. 

Eligibility and other plus benefits

  • One can also benefit from travelling and Earning with circumstances, and conditions provided,they gain the loyalty points which are very easy to acquire. One doesn’t have to do much verification if they are registered regular customers of Iberia flights and are eligible.
  • Also, one can choose from the Exclusive meals or get meals at a discount on the flight with different treatment and staff attendants. One can also go to flight in business class when they have enough points to survive economically, making the flight much more comfortable with more goodies to keep by your side.

Other special offers and discounts offered by Iberia

  • One can easily collect different promo and discount codes from social media Networks and newsletters connected with Iberia, easily subscribing to it.
  • One can also look out for discount codes and coupons when one buys with Iberia Plus and discounted Purchase on flights after Purchase.
  • Iberia also offers discounts given differently with credit card and debit card purchases from certain banks. 
  • One can get deals through that too.

Discount coupons and free food coupons can also be obtained with the Iberian stores and purchases with Airlines.

  • Flying with Iberia to different countries will also get you more coupons and travel points through Iberia + and Iberia Loyalty programs.

Locations For Iberia USA

These are top Iberian stores and locations for one to enquire and have the Purchase where one can quickly get work in options with the online website to purchase and get better deals through a Loyalty program.

  1. Iberia Airlines, Los Angeles, CA, United States · In DFS, Los Angeles International Airport · +1 310-410-0246, Open 24 hours
  1. Iberia, Miami, FL, United States · In Miami International Airport · +1 800-772-4642
  1. Iberia, Chicago, IL, United States · In O’Hare ATS Maintenance Facility · +1 800-772-4642
  1. Iberia Airlines, Chicago, IL, United States, Open 24 hours
  1. Iberia Air Lines of Spain, East Boston, MA, United States · +1 800-772-4642, Open 24 hours


Being a loyal customer at Iberia is plenty of fun. It is super easy, and you want to be a loyal customer of it. No other airline complimentary provides so many benefits compared to any other airline. It is a good choice and one will not be disappointed to opt for this airline.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Is  Iberia flight expensive to travel with?

It is not expensive to travel with because the fuel charges and everything connected to Spain is relatively cheaper than in the USA.

  1. How is the experience of flying with Iberia?

It gives a true introduction to Spanish culture and cuisine when flying with Iberia.

Iberia Loyalty Program- Eligibility and Benefits

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