Is Xiaomi ethical? – know more

Xiaomi is one of the most popular cheap Chinese mobile production companies with a turnover of more than 43.36 billion worldwide. In here, we check out ‘Is Xiaomi ethical?’

Is Xiaomi ethical?

It is the most prominent brand of Asia when someone is looking for cheap mobile phones that are extremely good with technology and can easily fit into the budget, bringing hi-tech phones. Although Xiaomi manufactures good electronics in terms of design and technology, it is sad to know that it  is not an ethical company. Due to  its low- cost mobile phones with good features,it is highly sought after in many countries. But the fact remains that this company does not practice ethical ways when it comes to manufacturing its products.

Why must companies opt for ethical practices?

The ethical test of the company makes a company respectable to society, proving that it is actually good and not harming the overall life cycle of people and environment in any manner. Developing sustainability and thus working towards changing the narratives towards greener initiatives must be highly sought after. More extensive production and service-providing companies are often responsible for significant environmental changes and must make changes in society by adopting greener practices.

Blunders that make Xiaomi unethical

Xiaomi is the biggest competitor to Samsung cheap budgetary phones and is even more popular than Samsung in some Asian countries like India and Singapore. Xiaomi is welcomed in most of the Asian and European countries for its price fixability for better products, but it’s actually not an ethical company to go buy because it stands last over ethical terms and conditions that WHO has provided.

Xiaomi uses plastic in most of its production and interior parts while making the ultimate phone before assembling, and it is seriously harming the environment. Xiaomi, over the ethical company test provided over worlds criteria, has stood scoring 0 out of hundred.

The company Xiaomi has only been praised for its CDP water security score that it managed to pass only. Xiaomi is the fourth-largest company providing smartphones in China and India. It is known to be  seriously harming the environment.

Unethical test criteria – Xiaomi’s criticism

Here are some top criticized Xiaomi’s criteria for being ethical that has been spread out in the market resulting in the brand being banned from the USA. Still, there are people purchasing Xiaomi through Amazon where it is available as the cheapest phone in the USA, but people are seriously concerned about its brand making the phone Ban from many websites.

Xiaomi has been highly criticized for its greener electronics because none of its integral parts is environment-friendly and is made up of severely harmful plastic after use. It scored f in greener electronics criteria failing miserably.

The company is highly criticized for malpractices and supply chain practices in China that are entirely illegal within many companies and Outer countries. The main reason that has been said that the product is so cheap is that children are made to work in the factories at cheaper wages to make the ultimate product less of the initial cost to get profitability and at the same time providing budget phones.

Also, it’s scored 0 by hundred in on the chain benchmark that supports the eco-friendly process of manufacturing electronic goods.A decent amount of litigation and cases has been filed in India, China, and Thailand for illegal processing of laborers forcing them to work, be it underage or under wage. The company least cares about its employees, exposing them to harmful chemicals which are inside the factory area not complying with any of the employment laws in their factories during production.

Its course is 32 by hundred in S&P Global ESG score. Having such a Low Score in a global test while still competing with the Global companies is seriously criticized because many people don’t know about it. The company is still continuing to get its net worth higher than ever. It is shocking to know that in India, the highest ever sold smartphones in rural areas are registered under Xiaomi.


Xiaomi has its base in China, and Chinese products are known to be cheap and, at the same time, very illegal to use, making China products over most European countries. However, China has been trading with cheap goods still making its way with these practices as not many people know about it, supporting it. The Chinese Government, business orientation, and economic divide in China are seriously flawed, making China one of the most economical yet troublesome countries. The strict division of Chinese business loss makes it deficient outside the country, making it questionable and unethical for more prominent brands like Xiaomi.

Frequently asked questions
  1. Is Xiaomi expensive?

No, Xiaomi is not expensive but budgetary.

  1. Which is the most flawed Xiaomi product?

Xiaomi mobile phones are the most successful yet most flawed Xiaomi product decides its accessories.

Is Xiaomi ethical? – know more

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