Does Best Buy refill ink cartridges?

Best Buy is an electronics retailer that sells a range of smartphones, appliances, digital technology such as computers and laptops, video games, and other appliances that you can think of. Technology just has a way of making life easier and that is why Best Buy strives to enrich its customers’ lives through technology. Let’s learn ‘Does Best Buy refill ink cartridges?’.

Does Best Buy refill ink cartridges?

Shopping for appliances or technology does not have to be difficult. Whether you are running a printing business or you need a printer for your personal use, Best Buy should be able to assist you with the devices you need to get the job done. Ink is a necessity to completing printing jobs and fortunately, printers are designed in a way that allows you to either refill or replaces ink cartridges. Thus, ink cartridges are built separate from the printer to allow you to remove them from your printer so you can refill them when the ink is finished. Consumers can visit Best Buy to have their ink cartridges refilled.

Refill your ink cartridges at Best Buy

If your ink cartridges need a refill, do not hesitate to head over to Best Buy and they will assist you. The Geek Squad agents that are working there are trained to ensure you receive the best service for your money. Anytime you need a refill, pick between 2 options: In-store service or In-Home service. 

In-Store Service

If you want to have your ink cartridges refilled, then you have the option of taking them in-store and having the agents of the Geek Squad refill them. Refills can be done in black only or in multiple colors.

In-Home Service 

If you do not know how to remove your ink cartridges from your printer then you might want to set up an in-home appointment. An agent will come to your house with the ink refill kit then perform the job.


Refilling ink cartridges will cost you approximately $8.99 to about $14.99 depending on the model make, manufacturer, and the amount of ink you would like filled up. Speak to an agent at Best Buy to receive the best quote on refilling ink cartridges.

Agents available for ink refill services

Geek Squad by Best Buy offers technology and appliance support. If you find yourself stuck and need assistance with any technology or appliance issues, the Geek Squad is dedicated to helping you. The services that Geek Squad offers are repairs, installation, set up for all technological products. Regardless of whether you purchased your appliances at Best Buy or not, Geek Squad will assist you with any issues that you face. A Geek Squad agent will always be on standby to assist you with your technological issues. You do not have to sign up for subscriptions or memberships, simply book your service appointment online on the Best Buy website. On your appointment slot, you can just drop off your device and it shall be serviced. 

Geek Squad also offers in-home services for those that run their businesses from home. Whether you need your printer repaired or set up, an agent from Geek Squad has got you covered. Get reasonable and affordable ink cartridges at Best Buy.

Printer brands that Best Buy services

The Geek Squad agents at Best Buy are trained to refill about 300 different ink cartridges from different brands. These are the following brands that Best Buy has refills for: 

  • Dell
  • Canon
  • Lexmark
  • Hp
  • Epson
  • Brother
  • Samsung

Refilling vs Replacing

When your printer reports that the ink levels are low then maybe it is time to get ink refills or purchase a completely new ink cartridge. Best Buy offers you the option of refilling or replacing your ink cartridges. 


When refilling your ink cartridges, you have to take into consideration the ink type, cartridge body, and ink refill kit. When doing things, we have to keep in mind our financial situation thus when it comes to your printer you might want something that will not bite your pockets. Refilling your ink cartridges can seem like a better option however, this can affect your print quality. So, if you are looking to print professional documents or are running a printing business then you would have to settle for replacing rather than refilling your cartridge. 


Replacing ink cartridges with their model and manufacturer’s ink would make sure you get great quality prints. This option can be a costly one yet worth it if you want the best prints. The costs of replacing ink cartridges can range from $19.99 to $103.00 depending on the printer model. Replacing ink cartridges not bought from their home manufacturer can lead to problems in the future.


Ink cartridges are designed in a way that allows you to refill or replace them when the ink hits low levels. Best Buy is your go-to store for getting your ink cartridges refilled. With affordable prices for your color and black ink refills, the Geek agents at Best Buy will surely help you get your printer back to printing. Whenever your printer states that the ink is low, be sure to head over to Best Buy to get your ink cartridges refilled with ink that will last you for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Why does my printer say the ink is low after refilling?

Make sure that you have properly inserted the ink cartridge after refilling. Or your printer could be faulty and needs to be checked by a technician. 

  1. Can I get paid for bringing in empty ink cartridges at Best Buy?

Best Buy will not pay you for bringing empty ink cartridges however they will give you a $2 coupon for every empty cartridge you bring.

  1. Alternative stores that do ink refills.

The following stores can do ink refills: Costco, Staples, Walgreens.

Does Best Buy refill ink cartridges?

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