Does BP Do Cash Back?

It is not strange to see petroleum companies giving cashback on their purchases. This strategy is aimed at making sure you save on every quality fuel you purchase. It is also aimed at making sure road drivers remain loyal to the brand. Let’s get the answer to Does BP Do Cash Back?.

Does BP Do Cash Back?

BP has a well-detailed cash-back program linked to the brand’s credit card. Having a BP Visa credit card enables you to save at least 10 cents per gallon on fuel purchased at affiliate stations. You are also treated to an extravagant welcome bonus, and 3% off every pound spent on groceries. There’s also a 1% cash back on purchases at stores or stations that are not BP.

Does BP do Cash Back?

BP’s cashback program is linked to its brand credit card, and that is BP’s Visa card. When you sign up for a BP Visa Card, you automatically start getting rebates for every purchase you make with the card. 

Amount of benefits earned:

Customers are guaranteed a 3% cashback on every grocery purchase made at the store. This is more than twice what other businesses offer. Besides this, you are also treated to a 30-day welcome offer when you open a new account. Every time a new card is used at BP gas stations, the owner gets 25 cents off every gallon he or she buys.

You can also use a BP Visa credit card for purchases at other stores where Visa cards are accepted. When a purchase is done at a store other than BP, or one of the gas stations that are taking part in the program, you will get 1% cash back on those purchases. This is as good as any rewards or cashback program.

BP Cash Back Program

BP rewards program allows you to save money at the pump, while the other one gives you cashback on purchases. You will earn cash back on non-fuel purchases if they are bought with your BP Visa credit card. Rewards on fuel purchases are automatically charged at the pump.

After signing up for the program, you will receive 25 cents cash back on every gallon you buy using your BP credit card or BP Visa credit card, valid for 30 days.

After 30 days, you will get 5 cents cash back on every gallon of fuel you buy using your BP credit card. If payment is made with a BP Visa credit card, you will get 10 cents cash back on every gallon you purchase. If your payment is made with Apple Pay, you will receive 1% cashback on your fuel purchases.

How do I Join BP Cash Back Program?

  • To join the BP cashback program, you need to download the BPme app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. The sign-up information includes your first name, last name, email, phone number, and card information. 
  • After you have accepted the updated terms and conditions, you will be logged in to your account.
  • You can also join the BP cashback program by obtaining a BP Visa credit card or BP credit card. Once this is done, you can add the credit cards to your BPme app.  And start earning points or cash back immediately. 
  • Although BP has many payment methods for purchasing fuel, the only way you can qualify for the cashback is to register for the BP credit card or BPme app.

The card offers a lot of savings options, and there are no spending limits to earning cash back on fuel purchases and groceries. 

How to redeem Your BP Cash Back Rewards

You can earn cashback on the BP-me app by downloading the application and registering on it. Every time you use your BP-me app to buy fuel at BP or other stations that are taking part in the program, you will get 5 cents off every gallon you buy. This gets better because if you have both the Visa card and the mobile app, you can combine them and earn a combined 15 cents off every fuel purchase you make.

Cashback rewards are charged to your card account as a statement credit within two billing cycles. To redeem the rewards, your account must remain active and open by the time the payments are being posted.


BP’s cashback offers you the ability to save while getting quality products. To qualify for cashback rewards, you can either sign up for BP-me mobile app or apply for a BP Visa credit card. BP Visa credit card users are given a 30-day introductory offer where they get to save about 25 cents on every gallon of fuel bought. After the expiration of this phase, they get 10 cents off every gallon bought, 3% off groceries, and 1% off non-fuel products bought at stores that are not part of the program.

  1. Does BP do cashback?

Ans: Yes, BP offers customers the opportunity to save money on every gallon of fuel they purchase.

  1. Does BP do cashback on groceries?

Ans: Yes, you will earn 1% cashback on products that are paid with your BP credit card. Payment with the BP Visa credit card will earn you 3% cashback. 

Does BP Do Cash Back?

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