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Target is one of the biggest retail companies with a wide range of chain stores all over the country, it deals with the sales of general merchandise. Moreover, Target is well known for its reasonable prices and the quality of the products available on its shelf. Let’s know ‘Does Target sell Cigarettes?’

Does Target sell Cigarettes?

We all know Target, we all love to make quick stops for groceries, from the food court display to the sentiments we attach to the smell of sweet buttery popcorn.

Cigarettes and Tobacco…. How it all began?

The use of tobacco dates as far back as the first century, research shows that before the hazardous effects of tobacco came to light, it was being used in a diverse number of ways ranging from the treatment of ailments, religious rites, and funny enough to maintain good teeth, ironical right?

Additionally, it was derived from the leaves of the genus nicotiana; a plant from the family of nightshade.

While the use of tobacco leaves in pipes and cigars reigned supreme, cigarettes were invented in Mexico, and their use became accepted and popular by the time of the civil war. The widespread negative side effects of tobacco and cigarettes happened in the 60s.

Target and Cigarettes

While Target is known for its wide range of merchandise, it is quite surprising to discover that it doesn’t sell cigarettes and tobacco-related paraphernalia.

Established in 1902, Target through its unique provision of unique and diverse products at affordable prices quickly gained huge recognition and strong standing.

Affordable prices and everyday products are not the only things it’s known for, from well-organized merchandise presentation to the friendly and helpful sales representative, to catchy tunes played on the store sound system, there are several reasons why we are endeared to Target.

Amidst the endless lists of credits, it comes somewhat as a shock that a retail store such as Target that caters to the needs of its customers from all walks of life does not sell cigarettes or any tobacco-related paraphernalia in any of its brick and mortar stores as well as online.

Why Target doesn’t sell Cigarettes?

The unanimous decision made by Target to stop the sale and promotion of tobacco products dates as far back as 1996. Research shows that Target was among the first sets of retail companies to actively stop the sale of cigarettes amidst the clamor of anti-smoking campaigns.

According to THE NEW YORK TIMES, it was cited that cost was the reason for that decision. It claimed that it was costing more to keep cigarettes and tobacco products away from minors in the communities.

Furthermore, considering the health complications and problems that arise from the act of smoking, it decided for the health benefits of its customers and the public image of the company.

Does Target sell Cigarettes now?

Impressively NO, Target has since then stuck to the conscious decision it made several years ago when it pulled cigarettes and tobacco supplies from the shelves in its stores nationwide.

It has continued to promote the importance of good health and healthy living, this is arguably also a reason why Target is so popular and successful.

Other products not sold by Target

Interestingly, asides from cigarettes and tobacco products, Target does not sell products such as;

• Cigars

• E-cigarettes

• Vaping pens

• Smoking supplies

• Rolling paper

Cigarette supplies sold by Target

You might be wondering if Target doesn’t sell cigarettes, why then do they have cigarette supplies, let’s find out!!!

Firstly, it’s already a fact that Target does not sell cigarettes and supplies used for smoking, it does sell supplies that help smokers maintain decorum in the habit.

Here are some of the cigarette supplies sold by Target;

• Cigarette lighters

• Cigarette ashtrays

• Cigarette receptacles

Aside from the listed supplies that aid a safe smoking environment Target offers products that help smokers to quit. Target makes available products that help to quit smoking available in both its brick-and-mortar stores, websites, and pharmacies.

While Target is not biased towards people who smoke cigarettes and users of tobacco products, it maintains a stand on promoting a good and healthy lifestyle.

Products sold by Target to aid this cause include;

• Nicotine gum

• Nicotine patches

• Nicotine lozenges


The sale of cigarettes and tobacco products was abandoned by Target several decades ago.

Do not express surprise at the lack of such products when you go to any Target outlets near you or their online market.


1. Does Target sell cigarettes?

No, cigarettes are not sold at Target.

2. Does Target sell E-Cigarettes?

E-cigarettes and other tobacco-related products are not available at Target.

3. When did Target stop the sale of cigarettes?

This has been stopped since as far back as 1996

4. Does Target sell nicotine patches?

Yes, as well nicotine gums and lozenges, to help quit smoking.

Does Target sell Cigarettes? – know more

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