What time does Dutch Pot serve lunch?

Dutch Pot is a Jamaican restaurant that started back in 1998. Their story begins slow, but when it accelerates, it accelerates fast. They begin telling their story by telling the story of the Dutch Pot. The Dutch Pot was created in the iron age, so long, long ago. In the Iron age, humans experimented with iron and, basically, came up with the Dutch Pot. Let’s get the answer to ‘What time does Dutch pot serve lunch?’.

What time does Dutch Pot serve lunch?

Now, the Dutch Pot is super important in Jamaican food, they tell us. Let me quote them: because of The Dutch Pot that the heat and temperature are always consistent. This causes the food to cook evenly and not burn, which is why our food is always so delicious! 

On their webpage, they also state that they serve lunch and dinner.

At what time do Dutch Pot serve lunch?

Well, here are their hours of operations: 

Monday to Thursdays: 7 am to 11 pm. And the drive-thru closes at 11.30 am

Friday to Saturday: 7 am to 12 am. The drive-thru closes at 12:30 am.

Sundays: 7 am to 10 pm. The drive-thru closes at 10:30 pm. 

So, between these hours, you can go and get your lunch at any time.

What to eat?

For Breakfast

Okra & Saltfish small 10 dollars  large 12.50 dollars

Callaloo & Saltfish small 10.50 dollars large 15.49 dollars

Ackee & Saltfish small 14.25 dollars large 18.25 dollars

Lunch and Dinner

Oxtails  small 18 dollars large 22.75 dollars

Brown Stew Chicken  mini 5.70 dollars small 10.25 dollars large 14.25 dollars

BBQ Chicken mini 5.70 dollars small 10.75 dollars large 14.25 dollars

Fry Chicken mini 5.70 dollars small 10.25 dollars large 14.25 dollars

Jery Chicken small 10.99 dollars large 14.99 dollars White meat/add sm1.85/lg 2.10


Coconut Water is 4.19 dollars each

Sorrel 4.25 dollars each

Pineapple Ginger 3.45 dollars each 

Grape Passion Fruit 2.45 dollars each

They also have soups, pastries, and porridge. 

Jamaican cuisine – The specialty of the restaurant:

The Jamaicans have learned to cook through many masters of past and present because many different cultures have inhabited the island. For example, African, Irish, English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Indian, and middle eastern people. And it has conquered the world, or maybe not so much, but they have certainly left the island because of migration. Jamaican people have left their country looking for opportunities. And sharing their food has been a way of capitalizing on these opportunities. So, tasting theirs is an opportunity for you to know a different culture. 

Pros and cons to eating there

Pros are that you get excellent Jamaican cuisine. You get to know a different culture through its meals. Through its food. This is always something interesting to do. And their plates are vast and at reasonable prices. That means the experience is relatively accessible to everybody. In other words, it is not a high-end restaurant, but in a good way. Not everything needs to be high-end to be of value to the consumer.

Well, the cons are there appears to be very little, if nothing, of vegetarian cuisine. Although this is no problem for many people, vegetarians are not included in this party of flavors. 


You can learn a lot about a country through their food. It is a way into their minds. And the minds of past generations. If you are in the Miami area, remember this little history we told you here when you go to the Dutch Pot. It will make the food taste different. 

And, don’t worry about the time, they open most of the day, every day. The prices are accessible, and the size of the plates seems reasonable. It all depends on how hungry you are. 

And also, remember that you can have Jamaican vegetarian food if you want to. Not at Dutch Pot, though.  


Do they offer catering services?

Yes, they do. Here you will find the information you need to fill out to apply. 

What cards do they accept?

All major cards are accepted. Such as American Express, Visa, MasterCard. 

What does Dutch Pot initially mean?

It is an oven. Not like a masonry oven, though. It is a Dutch oven. It is a thick-walled cooking pot with a heavy top. They are usually made of iron. And on this pot, you can cook almost anything, stews, roasts, lasagna, cakes, brisket, bread, curries, and many more things. You can also use it on the stove, in the oven, or almost anywhere. 

Are there vegetarian dishes in Jamaica?

The Rastafari are originally from Jamaica. The Rastafari are vegetarians. So, they have complemented Jamaican cuisine with vegetarian dishes. The usual Jamaican cuisine eats a lot of pork, like the Stew Pork and the Jerk Pork served at the Dutch Pot. But the Rastafari don’t eat pork. So, the mix is quite interesting. 

What time does Dutch Pot serve lunch?

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