Why is McDonald’s Coke better?

Mcdonald is one of the favorite American fast-food restaurants founded in 1940 by Richard and Maurice Mcdonald. Most people will always choose the best and cheapest restaurants when their cravings are satisfied. Let us know Why is McDonald’s Coke better?.

Why is McDonalds Coke better?

Mcdonald has a reputation for the taste of their soda(coke), making it easy to acquire more customers every day. Validating that customers get the certified and best soda(coke) experience. Details on why the coke tastes better will be discussed below.

What makes McDonald’s coke better?

There has been various research and videos in agreement with the taste of McDonald’s coke as better than other brands. Diverse research all came down to the same speculations as to why the coke tastes better, with some of the most prominent reasons being the straws, syrup used, fountain, etc.

There are various reasons as to why McDonald’s coke taste better, they are:

1. The Straws

Mcdonald’s straw is popularly known to be very different from other straws. Research has concluded that the straw is one ingredient of making the coke taste better. This is because;

  • The straws are of the same lengths, sizes, and widths which is different from the regular straw.
  •  When you drink a bottle of coke with the straw, due to its size it allows more bubbles to hit your tongue and also makes the taste of the coke better.
  •  Soda drinks are carbonated using larger straws to drink soda gives more carbonation to the tongue and makes the soda taste better.

2. Coke Syrup

This essential ingredient helps to ensure or give taste to the coke. One that makes the coke taste nice. There are various ways to store the syrup and ensure it tastes good.

  • Mcdonald’s preservation method of their coke syrup makes it easy for the coke to taste so good. 
  • They employ great storage techniques and high-level mixing drink-mixing techniques that make the coke stand out.
  • Coke syrup is stored in stainless steel tanks which helps protect the flavor of the syrup and is less exposed, unlike other restaurants that have their syrup delivered in plastic bags that make it more exposed.
  • The coke syrup is pre-chilled before it enters the fountain, this makes the coke taste better.

3. Water  

Soda is liquid; it makes water an essential ingredient to make soda. The taste of the water also adds to the way the soda is going to taste. If the water tastes bad, so does the soda. There is water everywhere but that doesn’t make it completely clean to make the soda. Mcdonalds ensures:

  • The water is filtered before the water is put into the fountain, making sure the water is clean. This is one of the things that separate Mcdonald’s from other companies because they ensure they make use of very clean water to get a better coke taste.
  • The water is also pre-chilled before it enters the fountain. Soda is best enjoyed and very chilled.
  • Carbon Dioxide is an important element that is present in cold liquids/water and this makes the soda even more refreshing.

4. Fountain

This is the dispenser where the liquids/soda comes out from. This is the final stage of the soda coming to life and tasting so good. What makes it different at McDonald’s is that:

  • The fountain dispensers are always cold which makes the coke even refreshing.
  • The fountain dispensers have a particular ratio of syrup that allows the ice to melt easily. There isn’t a McDonald’s coke without “ice”.i.e ice is essential to the taste of the coke, so without the ice, the coke is incomplete.


Mcdonald is very popular and therefore has to maintain a high standard of customer satisfaction and this is what makes the company stand out from other companies. The process of production is well laid out and this makes their coke stand out in taste from every other company even though it’s almost the same ingredient but a different process.


1. Can McDonald’s items be delivered right to your door?

Everyone wants less stress when ordering items, McDonald’s has made it easy. The answer is yes!! This is done by placing orders on McDelivery and items on Ubereats or Doordash.

2. What do I have to do to earn points?

To earn more points, one has to download the app and present the 4-digit code that is sent before ordering or you can get points when ordering from the app.

3. Can I share my points?

Yes, you can share points but it is all up to you whether you want to use it to purchase your order or share it with anyone.

4. Why does coca-cola taste so good at Mcdonald’s?

As explained above, we can see the various reasons why Mcdonalds’ coke tastes so good and they also follow the guidelines set by coca-cola.

Why is McDonald’s Coke better?

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