Amazon School Accommodation Policy- Know More

You can get a job, but then you are not provided accommodation, and so your schedule becomes hectic moving back and forth from home to work. Amazon makes things easy by providing for its students. Let’s know about Amazon School Accommodation Policy.

Amazon School Accommodation Policy

Amazon provides a way for students working part-time to go to school,  go about their schedules, and enjoy free time. Amazon policy allows them to take 10 hours out of their work schedule, put in the hours they prefer (on the site), and upload a copy of their school schedule.

To find out more about Amazon’s accommodation policy and other information on them, keep reading the article!

Is An Application For Amazon School Accommodation Easy?

Applying for accommodation anywhere takes a little bit of time, and this is because sometimes the organization/owner would have to do a little bit of verification with the information provided by the person applying.

Amazon accommodation application typically takes about 7-14 days to process, and when it takes longer it’s because of the task of finding facilities that fit the accommodation requests. 

According to their policy, they take accommodation matters seriously so that the individuals feel safe and supported, and can make adjustments where it seems like there have been some mistakes.

Are There Special Accommodations For People With Disabilities?

Amazon has specially placed teams to understand the specific needs of individuals and place tools to provide access to individuals with disabilities to participate fully. 

These individuals have to do a follow-up with the Applicant-Candidate Accommodation Team during weekdays for an update on the accommodation request and or an inquiry on accommodation needs. 

What Other Group of People Does Amazon Accommodation Look Out For?

Amazon Accommodation Policy is known to look out for pregnant women in the workplace, going through the doctor’s report, and recommending what is needed for their well-being.

How Do I Apply For Amazon School Accommodation?

Applying for Amazon school accommodation is easy to perform to allow for studying, school work, and other personal schedules. You can cut up to the required number of hours you need to focus on what you need to do.

Quick steps to applying for school accommodation:

  • Log in to your worksite 
  • Head to ‘Resources’
  • Click on ‘Schedule Accommodation’
  • Click on ‘School’ as a student
  • Put in your preferred hours
  • Upload additional required information which are a Copy of your school schedule, the Name of your courses, and Your name.

This process is easy because it can be done online through email. Amazon makes it easy for students to cut back work hours to attend to schoolwork.

Is There A Specific Hour Requirement For Students?

Amazon understands that students also have to attend classes, so they allow the students to work part-time for a minimum of 20 hours. Students are also allowed to cut back the hours they work but this is based on their class schedule and at the discretion of their manager.

However, there are Amazon Benefits that are enjoyed by students employees who work a specific amount of hours. Students who work below 30 hours may not qualify for the benefits depending on their living situation.

Student employees are advised to discuss their work schedule with their Amazon manager to see what necessities they qualify for.

What are the Student Benefits For Amazon Student Employees?

Students who work within and above 30 hours enjoy Amazon benefits. Amazon provides several benefits for its student employees. The benefits enjoyed by these staff are

  • Student programs – Students studying for a degree in fields like finance, and more can apply for Amazon student programs which provide students with internships and other opportunities. This is open to all students studying in their required listed fields and is not exclusive to just those who have worked at Amazon alone.
  • Career Choice programs – This program allows the students to attend the college of their choice while Amazon covers their tuition costs. This program is a bit exclusive to students who work for Amazon and is open to students working toward High School GED’s, Bachelor’ Degrees, and ESL certificates. 

Can Students Enjoy Flexible Work Hours?

A flexible work schedule helps you attend to other needs and also take care of your schedule to allow for time to rest.

Amazon gives flexible work schedules to their student employees with certain conditions that have to be met. These conditions are, no permission to work on days outside their normal schedule unless different workdays have been discussed with the Amazon manager and a copy of their class schedule should be made available for review.


Amazon school accommodation policy allows student employees have flexible schedules to accommodate other activities they have. This policy allows for up to 10 hours cut back from work with certain conditions to be met.

Once these conditions are met, and approval is given the accommodation is sorted out and the staff can continue their work responsibilities with their new schedule.

Amazon School Accommodation Policy- Know More

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