North Face Return Policy- Right of Withdrawal

North Face Return Policy

Headquartered in the United States, The North Face is an apparel and related products company. It is associated with streetwear and is renowned for fashionability. Let’s know about North Face Return Policy.

Previously, The North Face had a 30-day return policy for products; however, in the wake of COVID-19, the company updated its policy by instituting a 60-day return policy. According to the organization, customers can return online purchases made before or on November 26, 2021, online, or at The North Face retail stores before January 31, 2022. After that period, clients can return purchases online or at the company’s stores 60 days from the date of purchase.

Noteworthy Considerations

1: One cannot make an in-store return for items bought online on, Klarna, Apple Pay, or PayPal. Instead, they should complete their return by using the prepaid shipping label on the shipped package.

2: Customers should ensure that they do not tamper with the items they wish to return by using or washing them.

3: If a customer bought an item from a 3rd party or a reseller and were unsatisfied with it, they should return it to the same party.

Requesting A Free Return

1: On your account, determine the items to return, specify the reason for their return and their return method then adhere to the instructions outlined. Subsequently, print the return label provided.

2: Seal and package the returning items well. Attach the return label onto the packaging.

3: Deliver the products to the selected location yourself or with the help of a carrier

4: Once the return is processed and affirmed, the customer will receive a confirmation email. On inspection and determination of the standard of the returning products, The North Face will refund claimants within 14 days. Customers are responsible for the condition of the goods until they get to the company’s locale.

Right of Withdrawal

Clients have the liberty to return products without explanation within thirty days of delivery and claim a refund. However, when the goods are in their possession, they should ensure that they remain in good condition on their return. The company reimburses clients who exercise their right of withdrawal apart from shipping costs for those who opt for express delivery.

Legal Guarantee For Faulty Goods

The North Face acknowledges the statutory period guarantee for product faults, as determined in different states. The company deems a product as faulty when the customer receives it damaged or a manufacturing or material flaw appears within the set time specified in law from the time of purchase. 

Requirements for In-store Returns

Clients who wish to make in-store returns have to meet two criteria:

i: They must produce the original proof of transaction or exchange receipt from their transaction.

ii: They should ably show order details from their account

If a return lacks an original receipt, exchange receipt, or order details from the customer’s online account, they can only receive the lowest selling item at the management’s choosing. Moreover, the company will reinstate returns in the mode of payment used originally. The North Face would only refund a purchase on the determination of the same card produced originally and the presence of the authorized cardholder. The absence of the cardholder or the original card would only warrant a store credit.


The North Face gives one-year warranties for footwear and “The North Face Renewed Series.” The warranty covers defects during manufacturing or in the design of the items.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Products branded with The North Face credentials enjoy a Limited Lifetime Warranty against poor quality for the product’s lifespan. The company willingly repairs defective items freely or replaces them with new ones. However, the warranty in question only caters to goods that remain untampered with sold under The North Face brand.

The original owner of the products bought under The North Face enjoys the Limited Lifetime Warranty for the duration of the product’s lifespan. The warranty does not refer to the length of the customer’s life, rather the product’s life. Products that wear off due to natural changes that come with exposure to the elements or wear and tear from years of use do not qualify for the Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Claiming A Warranty

On receiving an item sent in by a customer who claims a warranty, the North Face Warranty Department sends an email confirming the item’s arrival. The email will include details about the extent of the company’s repair process. The North Face typically takes 6-8 weeks to return repairs to their customers relative to the amount of work to do and the cleanliness of the returned item.


The North Face has a return policy to ensure its customers enjoy exemplary services and products. The company’s willingness to include warranties is a testament to the establishment’s intentionality to have happy customers and develop a good reputation for its business dealings. Moreover, the extension of thirty more days to the return period attests to the organization’s commitment to serving its customers well and attracting more clients from the many fashion brands in competition today.

Frequently Asked Questions

1: What aspects disqualify an item from claiming a return or replacement?

Items destroyed by negligence, natural wearing off, or accidents do not qualify for warranties; however, the company can repair certain products at a fee which will include shipping charges.

2: How long does a returned product take to get to The North Face?

An item to The North Face may take between 10-15 days to reach them.

North Face Return Policy- Right of Withdrawal

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