Target’s Teacher Discount


As students are now returning to their classrooms, teachers have to restock the school supplies. For accomplishing this task, Target introduced the program Target’s Teacher Discount during its annual Teacher Prep Event to replenish the classroom supplies in this back-to-school season. What teachers have to do is simply sign up to get their coupons. So, let’s dig in more!

Target's Teacher Discount

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Target introduced this program in the last year as well however, this time they come up with even bigger and better discounts. Target is giving a 15% discount nationwide on all kinds of classroom supplies such as crayons, pencils, pens, tissues, disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizers, and many more items. A wide range of organization and storage supplies are also included in the list.  The program is starting from 18th July 2022 till 29 August 2022. To avail of this wonderful discount opportunity, teachers simply have to sign up at their website i.e. and they will get their coupons through email. This offer is valid both in stores and online.

How to sign up?

Teachers can get their discounts from Target Circle and this discount could be used only on a single purchase.

  • Open a account or you can also register yourself at the Target smartphone app.
  • Click on the link for the Target Teacher Discount and fill out the form.
  • Enter your name, email, zip code, and school information to verify your teaching status.
  • Once your entered information is approved or accepted you will receive your coupon via email.
  • In case, if it is required to upload further documents for verification purposes you will receive an email from Target with all instructions.

To get the discount, you have to fill out this form to confirm your status as a teacher. You must not visit stores before connecting with your account.

The teacher statuses could be verified on the website and through Target’s app as well. After online verification, a 15% target coupon is added to their accounts. However, teachers may also sign up in person by giving their mobile numbers while in-store.

If the teachers are already Target’s RedCard cardholders, then they can get an additional discount of 5% on all of the supplies. However, this discount will be implied after the first 15%.


Almost all educators are eligible for target teacher discounts including college or university professors, K-12, preschool, trade, daycare, home school, and technical/vocational school teachers are all eligible.

Products available on Target’s Teacher Discount:

  • Arts supplies
  • Apparel
  • Bathroom supplies
  • Board games
  • Bulleye’s playground
  • Blinders
  • Disinfecting wipes
  • Electronics few items
  • Craft supplies
  • Classroom storage
  • Classroom furniture
  • Card games
  • Fruit snacks
  • Food storage bags
  • Folders
  • Facial tissue
  • Granola bars
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Housewares
  • Notebooks
  • Organization tools
  • Outdoor goods
  • Pillowfort furniture
  • Playground equipment
  • School supplies
  • Sporting goods
  • Toys
  • Writing supplies

Some Other Teachers Discount stores:

Office Depute’s Teacher Discount: 

  • 20% off on selected in-store purchases
  • 40% off on print services

Dollar General’s Teacher Discount:

  • 30% off on selected in-store purchases

Staples’s Teacher Discount:

  • 20% off on in-store purchases

Meijer’s Teacher Discount:

  • 15% off on in-store purchases

Curious’s Chef Teacher Discount:

  • 30% off on purchases of $100 or more.

K12 School Supplies’ Teacher Discount:

  • 80% off on clearance and closeout school supplies.

Quail Ridge Book’s Teacher Discount

  • 10% off on personal purchases
  • 21% off on classroom books purchases
  • 30% off on New York Times bestsellers


Using, teachers can make them eligible for a Target teacher discount on many items. Discount is available from 19th July to 29th August each year for teachers, faculty, and staff members of University, college, Home-school, K-12, and other educational institutions. Teachers can also earn extra coupons and discounts by downloading the smartphone app of Target. By joining Target’s Circle program, the teacher can get updates about the discount and also get extra rewards. On verifying eligibility on, educators can see the list of items on which they will get a discount. This list of qualifying products changes each year but mostly includes notebooks, writing supplies, craft items, hand sanitizers, facial tissues, school supplies, gaming items, and much more. So, educators don’t worry about the expense now because Target is definitely here to help you.

Frequently asked questions:

Q.1-How much discount does Target provides to teachers?

Target gives 15% off on selected classroom essentials to the teachers on both in-store as well as online purchases.

Q.2-Who are eligible for Target’s Teacher Discount?

Target’s Teacher Discount is for teachers of K-12, home-schools, daycare centers, technical schools, universities, and colleges. 

Q.3-What items are included in Target’s Teacher Discount?

Many items are available in the list of Target’s Teacher Discount such as art and craft items, writing supplies, facial tissues, notebooks, hand sanitizers, blinders, food storage bags, folders, organization items, etc. Moreover, you can find the eligible products for Target’s Teacher Discount on 

Q.4-How I will get Target’s Teacher Discount?

If you are a teacher, you can get Target’s Teacher Discount by proving your eligibility on

Target’s Teacher Discount

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