What is USPS Adult Signature?

Shipping companies do try as much as possible to make shipping safe. Shipping steps like delivery can sometimes result in loss or wrong deliveries. USPS has put in place a myriad of services to assure customers of safe delivery of packages. Let’s have a look at ‘What is USPS Adult Signature?’.

What is USPS Adult Signature?

One of the many ways to ensure that a delivery has been done successfully is the adult signature. For every USPS delivery, an adult person over the age of twenty-one will be required for the signature.

What is the United States Postal Services adult signature?

The USPS adult signature policy requires that the mail package is only delivered to a person over the age of twenty-one. Additionally, the mail carrier will also need proof of age which can include a valid identification card, passport, or driving license to prove that the delivery has been received by an adult.

 Why does only require the adult signature?

The adult signature required feature was launched by United States Postal Services in 2011. This feature was introduced to make certain that sensitive and important deliveries were received by responsible persons.

The signature adds an extra security layer placing the shipment directly under the care of an adult 21 and above years of age.

More to say, this added layer of security ensures that there are no disputes after the deliveries have been done and provides comfort to the recipients.

How much does United States Postal Services charge for the adult signature?

  • To add the USPS adult signature to a package, one will be required to pay an extra 6.90 dollars.
  • The USPS signature is the second less expensive signature service offered by the USPS. Furthermore, USPS’s regular confirmation of the signatures begins at 2.90 dollars.
  • The more expensive signature services offered by the USPS are signature confirmation restricted delivery costing 8.75 dollars and adult signature restricted delivery costing 7.15 dollars.

How does one use the USPS adult signature?

USPS adult signature is an additional security feature. The feature can be added to different USPS mail services to provide an extra layer of security.

USPS adult signature for customers using click n ship feature:

Those using the USPS click n ship will be required to create a shipment model. When about to compete for the click n ship label creation, the site will offer an option for signature services.  

In signature services, there are different options to choose from including the adult signature for 6.90 bucks.

Note that there are several signature options with some costing over seven dollars. One has to be extra careful about the signature preference one wants.

USPS adult signature for those using the local post office

Adding the adult signature at the local post office is pretty easy. All you got to do is to present the package to the counter and request the representative to add on the adult signature. 

Which USPS mail classes qualify for the adult signature?

Not all United States Postal Services mail classes qualify for the adult signature add-on. Only five mail classes are eligible for the USPS adult signature. These include,

  • First-class mail.
  • Commercial first-class package.
  • Priority mail.
  • Parcel Select
  • Parcel Select Lightweight.
  • Priority mail express.
Are there specific packages that require the adult signature?

United States Postal Services shipping alternatives automatically require an adult signature. United States Postal Services adult signature is just an extra layer of security that is manually included and has to be purchased by the customer.

Can a mail delivery be done without the adult’s signature?

Being a federally protected property, there are very slim chances that a mail carrier will deliver a package minus an adult signature. 

For customers with pieces of evidence relating to a package being delivered without an adult signature, there are channels to use to report such incidences. 

Are there differences between the USPS adult signature and adult signature restricted delivery?

The key differences between the above terms are; the adult signature required implies that any adult above the age of 21 can receive and sign a mail package. On the contrary, adult signature restricted delivery is specified to the addressed recipient. The name address in the package is the only one allowed to receive and sign the package.

Furthermore, there are more stringer rules regarding adult signature restricted delivery than the adult signature required.

In what ways does the USPS adult signature differ from the signature confirmation?
  • Different from signature confirmation, the USPS adult signature requires that the person giving the signature must be 21 and above years old.
  • Signature confirmation, on the contrary, maintains that a mail package can be delivered to any person as long as their ages are reasonable
  • For the signature confirmation, even a 13-year individual can sign and receive a mail piece.

The USPS adult signature is an affordable feature that adds an extra layer of security for both parties involved. The feature ensures that the mail packages have been delivered to the rightful hands. Furthermore, the service requires only individuals who are 21 years and above to sign for the delivery.


Q: Does the signature has to match the recipient’s name in the package?

A: Not necessarily. The adult signature required lets any adult of 21 years and above receive a mail.

Q: Is it a must to add the adult signature required?

A: The adult signature required is just an added security feature. If the package in question is neither sensitive nor important, then there is no need.

What is USPS Adult Signature?

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