Gymshark Student Discount- Who is Gymshark?


Fitness and a healthy lifestyle go hand in hand. If you are someone who has decided to grab a hold of a healthy lifestyle and is going to start your fitness training then first of all kudos to this decision! The journey to a healthy lifestyle is like a roller coaster ride which is sometimes bumped by a Cheat Day. Well, cheat days are a reward. Aren’t they? Let’s know about Gymshark Student Discount.

Gymshark Student Discount

But what if you could offer your motivation something else instead of a cheat day? Why don’t you go for your personally curated fitness accessories and clothes? Gymshark is an international fitness clothing brand that offers brandishing discounts. Especially students who have decided to become fit. 

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Who is Gymshark?

Gymshark is a British fitness apparel and accessories brand, manufacturer, and retailer established in Solihull, England. This multinational company was founded in 2012 by two friends, Ben Francis and Lewis Morgan. They are named as UK’s fastest-growing company in The Sunday Times.

They manufacture a wide range of fitness accessories and clothes. Their products are directly sold to a range of customers in around 13 countries. They are one of the first brands to make extensive use of social media influences. The company is not a big fan of brick-and-mortar shops, although they did open a few shops in London’s Covet Garden. 

They have more than 5 million followers on Instagram as of now. They are the fitspiration of your fitness journey.

What is the student discount at Gymshark?

Students are big fans of being healthy and fit. But the problem arises when the costly gym facilities and accessories get in the way. Well with Gymshark in the picture they don’t need to worry much. As the moderators of Gymshark took special care of students by offering them a shining student discount. In association with Studentbean, they offer exclusive discounts to the students which come with a membership plan. Student bean is one of the world’s leading student loyalty and Gymshark offering a healthy discount through them is a once in a while deal.

What is Student Bean?

A moral initiative was taken by tech leaders to provide discounts to the students of universities resulting in this start-up. One can easily register themselves on their website and browse for the student discount provided by different companies. Gymshark offers a 10% student discount through this platform to the students.

How to avail of the discount at Gymshark?

To be eligible for the discount firstly you have to get yourself registered on Student Bean. The membership plan varies from a month to a year and it is free to access so you won’t have to worry about extra charges here. If you are 16 or above and in a full-time education university then this is your gateway to an expanse less life. Below is a stepwise guide to claiming the Gymshark student discount-

  1. Register on the Student Bean website or download their app. This part is easy-Peary
  2. Verify your student status. It is done through e-mail.
  3. Browse for Gymshark on the app or web.
  4. Visit the Gymshark store and show them the ID card issued by Student Beans or simply use the coupon provided by Gymshark on their website to avail of the benefits.

As you can see availing the discount is no big deal. Now you can hurry up and create your Student Bean account to get instant access to the discounts offered to students by various companies. You can use the Gymshark discount code for your in-store visits.

What are some of the other offers by Gymshark?

The catchy student discounts are not the only ones that Gymshark offers. They have a wide range of coupons and discounts that a fitness guru won’t be able to resist. Their exclusive February discounts are one of the most talked about. Some other discounts include-

  1. Exclusive £10 off
  2. Exclusive 15% special Feb offer
  3. 10% off for defense and coworkers
  4. 10% off for students

Is the Gymshark coupon code reliable?

Before we get excited over a discount we tend to think that is it reliable? Am I getting fooled or they are for real? Well, these are some of the phew questions and they are consumer rights after all. 

Gymshark coupon codes are primarily tested and personally verified. You can check their reviews on Instagram or Google. The coupon codes and discounts offered by them do not include any hidden charges to them. One of the best things about Gymshark is its easy return facility. If the crop-top you bought is not the perfect fit for you then hop on and exchange it. No hassle. 


Gymshark is a leading fitness accessories brand. They are reliable and wallet-friendly. Their student discount is easy to avail of and authenticated. The 10% student discount that they offer is a big initiative that would promote a healthy lifestyle in a student’s mucked-up daily life. 

So if you are a student just get yourself registered with Student Bean and enjoy the 10% discount offered by Gymshark. Fitspiration!!

Gymshark Student Discount- Who is Gymshark?

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