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Student discounts present an opportunity for institutions to increase the number of students purchasing and using their products and services. It is a market strategy to reward students and increase the popularity of their brands among the students enabling students to afford their products and services and save. The student discount is developed by an institution and they determine the terms and conditions that apply for one to be eligible for the discount. Let’s know about Thorpe Park Student discount.

Thorpe Park Student discount

Thorpe Park offers college and university students discounts on tickets they purchase as part of their loyalty program to reward students. The student discounts are subject to the availability of the tickets and the promotional dates in place as set by Thorpe and they reserve the right to deny a student entry into the Park. The students can save up to 35% of the purchase price of the adult tickets if they book their tickets online and in advance. 

Overview of Thorpe park student discount

  1. Eligibility

For one to be allowed to purchase students tickets at Thorne park student discount they have a valid students ID from college or university, UNIDAYS ID, Student Beans ID, an NUS Card, or TOTUM membership card otherwise they will end up paying the adult Thorpe park ticket fee. 

  1. How to purchase Thorpe park students tickets using this discount?

To purchase the Thorpe park students’ tickets, the student has to visit and choose the ticket they would like to purchase from the ones available on offer and click on Buy Now select on the number of tickets to be purchased and the date to visit the park, proceed to Cart, then to Checkout. The student will be led to Payment where they will have to choose the preferred method of payment either credit/ debit card, G Pay or PayPal, and complete the shopping.   

Different Thorpe Park student tickets and their features 

  • Student 1-day ticket 

It is available for online purchase at £35 used for only 1 day visit at the Thorpe Park collected at the Resort and a student gets to enjoy rides, attractions, and live events at the Park.

  • Overnight Stay with 2 Day park entry

This ticket retails at £53 online and guarantees a student free parking and Wi-Fi at the resort, a two-day stay at the resort hotel, and breakfast.  


  • Thorpe Part student discounts are available for students in college, university, or under apprenticeship scheme only and they should be ready to present their students’ Identification Cards when collecting their ticket from Thorpe Park or upon request by Thorpe Park staff to prove their eligibility for Thorpe Park student discount. 
  • The Thorpe Park student tickets can only be purchased online at using the Thorpe Park student discount and should be collected at the Park. 
  •  Thorpe Park reserves the right to limit the number of tickets available for the Thorpe Park student discount and the dates available for the purchase of the student tickets. 
  • Thorpe Park student tickets cannot be transferred or sold to another party. They can only be used by the student who purchased them and with proof of their eligibility.
  • The students can only use the tickets to access the park on the dates printed on the ticket otherwise they will be denied entry into the Park.    
  • Thorpe Park cannot refund the student the ticket fee they have paid to access the park if for any reason Thorpe Park does not allow them to access the park.  


  • Students get to pay a reduced Park entry fee using Thorpe Park student discount and can save more with every ticket purchase and get to enjoy the experiences offered at Thorpe Park.
  • Thorpe Park increases the number of students who visit the Park to enjoy the rides, attractions, and live events increasing their income even as more students get to refer their colleagues to the park to also enjoy and save.  


The Thorpe Park student discount provided to students helps students to save as they enjoy their experiences at Thorpe Park. This ensures Thorpe Park reaches out to more students to enable and encourage them to visit the Park.  For the student to purchase a ticket from Thorpe Park, they need to confirm the availability of the tickets and the dates on offer, and once purchased, a student must present proof to be allowed into the Park.   

Frequently asked questions
  1. Can one be allowed entry into Thorpe Park without Student ID?

For a student to be allowed entry into Thorpe Park they have to present either their valid students ID from college or university, UNIDAYS ID, Student Beans ID, an NUS Card, or TOTUM membership card.

  1. Is Thorpe Park student discount available throughout the year?

No. The offer is available on select promotional dates set by Thorpe Park.

  1. Can one purchase the Thorpe Park student ticket at the resort?

No. The Thorpe Park student tickets are available for purchase online at 

Thorpe Park Student discount – know more

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