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Visible was founded in 2018 with its headquarter in Denver, Colorado, United States as a subsidiary of Verizon Wireless owned by Verizon Communications, Inc operates in the wireless telecommunication industry. Visible specializes in providing its customers with Mobile phones products and services and wireless services throughout the United States. Customers can shop for products and services at the Visible official website Let’s know about Visible phone Return policy.

Visible phone Return policy

Visible allows its customers unsatisfied with the phone purchase from Visible to return the phone following the rules and guidelines in place. The customer must be aware of the set guidelines before initiating a return to avoid any dissatisfaction. The Visible phone return policy ensures both the customers and Visible are satisfied during the process of return and the customer gets to trust more on the products and services that Visible offers. The terms and conditions of the Visible phone return policy can be changed anytime by Visible.  

Overview of Visible phone returns policy

Phone return period to Visible

A customer who is unsatisfied with the phone purchased from Visible is allowed to return the phone for a refund or exchange within 14 days from the date of purchases otherwise Visible will not grant the customer the refund or exchange if the 14 days is not adhered to.  

Process of phone return to Visible

A customer in need of returning the purchased phone to Visible should first initiate the return by visiting logging into their Visible account using their account credentials and getting in touch with Visible using the chat option provided. The customer will have to provide the reason for returning the phone to be approved for return. After approval, Visible will send to the customers’ email address provided a return shipping label that the customer will have to print and use when shipping the return package to Visible. 

The customer is then required to prepare the phone for return within 14 days from the date of purchase by deleting any personal information they have on their phone, removing the SIM card, preparing the packaging in its original packaging by ensuring the phone is in a good state it was delivered in together with all the contents including the accessories, original order receipt, and manuals. 

The customer then mails the return package to Visible to commence the refund or exchange process. Visible advise the customer to either use FedEx, USPS, or UPS to mail the return to them as they also offer tracking services that will enable customers to monitor the progress of their return. 

Phone refund or exchange process at Visible 

The phone refund or exchange process at Visible commences once Visible receives the return package. Visible will verify the state of the phone, its contents, and the approved reason for refund. If all is well, Visible will start processing the customers’ refund which can take up to three weeks from the date the return package was received. The refund will be credited to the original form of payment the customer used to pay for the phone.

Restrictions to Visible phone return policy 

Visible has set up some restrictions to the phone return policy that the customer must keep in mind if they are not satisfied with their phone purchase as outlined below.

  • The customer must adhere to the return window within 14 days from the purchase date or else Visible will not grant them a refund or exchange for their phone and their return package will be shipped back to them. 
  • The customer interested in returning their phone must ensure they first contact Visible for approval of the return and to get the return shipping label before returning any phone to Visible. 
  • If a customer wants to exchange their phone with another phone, Visible will grant them only one exchange, and the returned phone must be in a good state with all its components in the return package. 
  • Any returned package lost during return without a tracking number will not be refunded or exchanged by Visible. 

Reasons for phone return to Visible 

A customer can return a phone purchased to Visible if the phone has a manufacturer’s defect and it is not functioning as it should, the phone received damaged during shipment, the customer received a wrong phone order in terms of color, model number, etc, or the customer has received a phone while the order was already canceled due to delayed delivery or poor customer service from Visible. 


Visible providing its customers with a phone return policy is a way of ensuring the customers are always satisfied with their purchases and can return their purchase in case they are not satisfied with them and Visible will refund them or exchange the phone for them if the reason is provided is eligible. Also, Visible has the right to change, modify, or alter any part of the phone return policy as it desires and can either permit a customer to make the return or not based on the policy terms and conditions. 

Visible phone Return policy – know more

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