Are McDonald’s onions real?

The market has and will always be one of the most competitive places to be. While brands struggle to be better than each other, some brands have taken a firm stand on their market by staying true to ensuring customer satisfaction. One of the things that stand out for McDonald’s is its special onions with a distinct, not-so-real appearance.  A lot of people have often wondered if these onions are real. If you are part of this lot continue reading.

Are McDonalds onions real?

If you are among those who have often had the thought creep in, probably while eating at McDonald’s, that McDonald’s onions are not real because of how they look, then it would interest you to know that they are real. They are quite different from what other restaurants use. They are small and minced onions, most especially on their cheeseburger offering. These onions are different because they are dehydrated naturally but then they get rehydrated in water before they are used.

Why does McDonald’s use this type of Onions?

Aside from being healthy to use it is not clear why McDonald’s often uses small, minced onions instead of the regular large-sized onions. According to my observation and research, it can be deduced that the small onions are peculiar in their looks and taste. According to, although both onions are used yet the taste of the small onions is so unique that when people make meals at home with them, it tastes like McDonald’s food. Hence, it is easily identified and distinguished. It makes McDonald’s stand out.

Where are these Onions sourced?

The McDonald’s special onions are gotten from a variety of suppliers from the United States, UK, and other countries. According to the Website of McDonald’s, most of their food items and ingredients are gotten from local food suppliers, this is to ensure fresher and faster food to prioritize customers’ health and satisfaction. 

Although they use both dehydrated and fresh onions, it is not certain if they have different suppliers for both types of onions or they are supplied by one person.

Do the onions have any health implications?

It is okay to think that these onions would attract some health deficit when eaten in the burger, but have you wondered why McDonald’s has continued to use these dehydrated onions for a while and it doesn’t seem like they are tired of it? This is because the onions are healthy against amateur, unverified speculations. You can eat them despite their look, but if you don’t find them worthy of being eaten probably because of their look or taste in your mouth, you can also request that your burger be served without onions. 

What process does McDonald’s use to rehydrate their onions?

Relevant facts about the rehydrated onions are that their flavor is so good that customers cannot resist and they stay a very long while before they get spoilt, this is one of the reasons restaurants use it.  The process McDonald’s uses to rehydrate their onions is a two-step process, it is quite easy and doesn’t take so much time. This process includes the following;

  1. They empty the onions into an empty pan or a container. Anyone is fine.
  2. They get the onions soaked in water for a while for them to be rehydrated. After that the onion is ready.

How flavorful are the McDonald’s onions?

Flavors are best explained by those who have had the experience of eating the food. Customers quite like the flavor of the burger, which owes it to the onions. 

Although some critics dislike the taste of dehydrated onions, that doesn’t change the fact that they are healthy, they last longer and they have a unique flavor.


The McDonald’s onions are unique and they make a great condiment most especially in the burger. Even though some people may not understand why they are used, they very well understand that it doesn’t cause any health challenges and it has a great flavor.


Can one request no onions in their Burger?

Yes, of course, anyone can, in fact in McDonald’s most people often modify the menu by asking for the removal of onions in their burger, including other foods on the menu. Although onion is loved by a lot of people and they always prefer onions in their food,  those who do not like it is always given the freedom to make their choice of no onion burger.

Are grilled onions offered at McDonald’s?

McDonald’s no longer make burgers with grilled onions. The grilled onions burger was one time a meal offered at McDonald’s like the others, but McDonald’s has decided to end the grilled onions. However, contrary to the change it was sold in the 80s and 90s, the grilled onions burger was quite popular. However, the “Cheddar Melt” as it was known was put to an end in early 2000.

What type of onions are put in the Quarter Pounder?

If you haven’t tried the Quarter Pounder before and you want to try it for the first time then know this; the Quarter Pounders are not like the other types of McDonald’s burgers, they come with a different types of onions in them. Their onion slices are bigger. In other words, they are the regular size onion. They are the white and yellow type of onions. I can only describe them because it was specified on the McDonald’s website what type of onions it is. 

Are McDonald’s onions real?

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