Is McDonald’s Ice Cream real?

Ice cream is no more a treat for youngsters. Ice cream attracts individuals of every age. In addition, it is not the dessert of spring or summer but is eaten the whole year. There are many ice cream chains in the USA, but McDonald’s has its standards and has a huge fan streak. McDonald’s ice cream is known for its texture and taste. Let’s know here ‘Is McDonald’s Ice Cream real?’.

Is McDonalds Ice Cream real?

For years, their ice cream has been on the top of their menu list. Moreover, they continually improve their all recipes, including the ice cream. The ice cream is called soft serve due to its creamy and yummiest consistency. Meanwhile, they have introduced a vast range of flavors with time.

Is McDonald’s Ice Cream real?

The entire ice cream manufacturer claims that it is a dairy product and is natural ice cream, yet we know it is not 100% right. Most of them are serving frozen desserts in the name of ice cream. However, in the case of MacDonald’s, they also claim so. 

They have told the ingredient of their ice cream. MacDonald’s officials said that they use milk as the main ingredient, cream, sugar, milk powder, and some syrups. They further said they exclude artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives from their recipes. 

What are the ingredients of MacDonald’s Ice Cream?

McDonald’s ice cream’s main ingredients are

  • Reduced-fat cream,
  • Sugar
  • Corn Syrup,
  • Dry milk,
  • Cellulose
  • Mono-glycerides,
  • DI-glycerides

The creamy and soft texture of this ice cream is due to the lower rate of the milk fat, as it uses only 5% of the milk fat, but other ice-cream producers use 10%. They use glucose instead of sugar. Their improved recipe is free from artificial things and has more creamy and healthy ice cream.

Difference between real and unreal Ice Creams

There is a large variety of ice creams around us. The word ice cream always attracts us. You may be unaware of what you are eating in the name of ice cream is, whether the original ice cream or just a frozen form of any sweet.

The main thing to know is that any ice cream made of dairy ingredients and milk is ice cream. The other thing to note is that ice cream must have less than 10% dairy fat in it.

If any ice cream has these qualities, it is natural ice cream. Otherwise, it is just a frozen dessert.

Is McDonald’s Ice Cream Healthy?

Use of Milk

Milk is a healthy ingredient for all of us. McDonald’s uses milk in their ice cream, which seems beneficial in first thought. 

Use of Fat

The other main component of the ice cream is fat, which is unhealthy, so they cut the fat quantity from 10% to 5%. Trimming the fat extent is again healthy.

Eradication of Artificial Flavor

In addition, McDonald’s eradicates the use of artificial flavors and preservatives. Using natural flavors instead of artificial ones is another healthy side.

Sugar Replacement

We all know that sugar is not suitable for a healthy lifestyle. McDonald’s has replaced sugar with glucose. Although we should limit both sugar and glucose, glucose is a little bit better than sugar content in the ice cream.

McDonald’s Ice Cream Flavors

McDonald’s Vanilla Cone Ice Cream   $1

McDonald’s Vanilla Cone Ice Cream is the perfect dessert treat after a proper meal, or it can also be a joy for having this ice cream alone. Its taste, as well as its nutrition value, has improved with time. The reason is McDonald’s has removed the entire artificial vanilla flavor from the recipe and started using fresh and natural vanilla extract.

Flurry Oreo $1.99-2.49  

 McDonald’s Flurry Oreo is made up of creamy vanilla and Oreo chunks. It is soft, flurry, and has crunchy Oreo in it. 

Hot Fudge Sundae $1.50

It is a flavor of ice cream having a classic taste. As the name describe it is a combination of ice cream and rich hot fudge. You can make a customized topping on it. The main ingredients are whipped cream, nuts, and an Oreo.

Strawberry Sundae $1.50

Strawberry Sundae is another classic ice cream by McDonald’s. As the name shows, the main ingredient is strawberry. It is a delicious combination of eggs, cream, fresh strawberry, and sugar. 

Choco Cone $1

Choco cone is a treat for chocolate lovers. It is a combination of a soft and smooth vanilla scoop filled in a crunchy chocolate cone. Chocolate is also layered on the top of the cone.

McSwirl Green Apple $1-1.45

McSwirl Green Apple is a good mix of ice cream with apple puree. It contains fluffy ice cream with enriched fresh apple flavor. Its green color is appealing. 

McSwirl Mocha Cappuccino $1-2.00

It is the best blend of coffee with ice cream. This ice cream is made of dry milk, bold espresso made from sourced beans, and whipping cream.

McSwirl Pena Colada $1.50-2.49

McSwirl Pena Colada is the best ice cream in Pena colada flavor. The ice cream has a fresh pineapple flavor in it. 


The above discussion shows that McDonald’s ice cream is a dairy product with some healthy ingredients, like milk, unsaturated fat, and glucose. The food chain is also avoiding putting any artificial stuff in their development.

Moreover, if you are on a diet or have any health issues, you should limit the consumption of dessert and ice cream. Eating occasionally may be less harmful than eating it daily. You can enjoy it in your happy moment, in a gathering of your beloved ones. In addition, it is better than any other supposed ice cream as it is an ether than a frozen dessert.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is McDonald’s ice cream made from dry or fresh milk?

McDonald’s ice cream comprises milk, dry milk, cream, and corn syrup. Etc.

Is McDonald’s ice cream have eggs in its ingredient list?

The original McDonald’s ice cream is not having any eggs. However, maybe some outlets use other than the original recipe.

Is McDonald’s Ice Cream real?

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