Nordstrom Student Discount

Nordstrom is a luxury department store in the retail industry in the US. The store offers a variety of clothing, shoes, handbags, jewelry, perfumes, cosmetics, and other accessories to the American market. The company is headquartered in Seattle but has over 450 locations serving both the US and Canada. Some of the stores in these locations offer different services like cafes and restaurants; others have home furnishings as an addition to their main stock and wedding accessories. lets learn Nordstrom Student Discount.

Nordstrom Student Discount

Nordstrom is quite generous with its offers to students and educators. Currently, Nordstrom is giving a student discount of 10% on their products which they increase over time. Students can get this discount on their online shopping websites. What makes Nordstrom unique from the majority of other stores that offer this type of discount is that they allow you to save the student discount coupon to be used later if you do not want to use it immediately.

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Nordstrom products

The store has a wide array of products anyone can choose from. They are categorized into;

  • Women’s products – these include clothing, all types of shoes, handbags, jewelry also fine jewelry, and accessories like belts and hats
  • Men – for men they have activewear, suits, shoes, accessories like watches and gloves, and grooming products that include designer colognes
  • Kids section – it has girls’ and boys’ clothing and shoes, baby clothes, and baby essentials like car seats and diaper bags
  • Young adults section – in this section they stock more fashion-forward items that young people would like and prefer. Products such as joggers, leggings, boots, and accessories like backpacks, headphones, and other designer clothing items

Contents of Nordstrom student discount

You can get the Nordstrom student discount at any time which can help you save up to 10 off the full price of your purchased items. These simple steps will help in getting the student discount code and using it effectively.

  1. Ensure you have a Unidays account which you will use to verify your student credentials
  2. Visit the Nordstrom online shopping site where the discount coupon code will be available to you
  3. When you are verified as a student from your Unidays account, you can continue shopping online placing the items you need in the shopping cart
  4. At the checkout page, paste the active student discount code which will apply immediately and automatically
  5. Afterward, settle the payment for your order.

You must sign in to your Unidays account because you can only save the student discount code for use later if you have been verified by the third-party website.

  • How to use Unidays

Unidays allows you to access a good number of discounts that apply to a student from Nordstrom. Here are simple steps to register an account at Unidays.

  1. Install the Unidays app or visit their website
  2. Make sure you have a valid student identification and university email address as you will use them in this account
  3. Follow the steps sent to your email account by Unidays
  4. After Unidays have verified your student credentials, you will get a Unidays student ID
  5. Use the unique ID to access student discounts at Nordstrom every time you shop
  • General restrictions on Nordstrom student discounts

Although this discount is available for all students; whether part-time or full-time, Nordstrom has outlined a few rules that should be followed and are applied to this particular discount coupon.

  1. It is only applicable to students who are pursuing further or higher education
  2. Parents of students are also allowed to use it, and 
  3. Individuals working in the education sector are also eligible for this discount.

Customers must note that the student discount does not apply to tall products. This refers to clothing that is designed to fit people who are 6 feet tall and above. Therefore you must read the terms of the discount before applying it to your order.

  • Other discounts and promos

Nordstrom has an active coupon that is almost always available to the general public that gives up to 10% off on all products. Other discounts and ways to save are;

  • Get a promo code on Reddit
  • Nurse discount
  • Senior discount, and 
  • Employee discount


Nordstrom is arguably the leading fashion specialty retailer in North America mainly because it offers its customers one of the broadest selections of clothing, shoes, and accessories for men, women, and children of all ages. They have also managed to keep their large following by offering discounts on products, especially the student discount that increases over time and that is uniquely placed such that you can save it and use it later.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Does Nordstrom give a student discount?

They offer a student discount of up to 10% and it may increase up to 20% off.

  1. How can I get the Nordstrom student discount?

You need a Unidays account created using a valid university email address and a valid student ID.

  1. How does Nordstrom student discount work?

After the store has verified your student credentials, you can apply the discount code on your order before checkout and the total price is discounted automatically.

Nordstrom Student Discount

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