Does Target Rent Carpet Cleaners? – Know more

Got a bad stain on the carpet! Don’t know how to clean it? Well, go to your nearby store and get a carpet cleaner! But buying carpet cleaner for just a short period seems like a waste of money! Let’s know about Target Rent Carpet Cleaners.

Target Rent Carpet Cleaners

Fortunately, some places provide these items for rent! But where are these places? Do they include top stores like Target too? 

Target provide renting services for carpet cleaners

Target is one of the most well-known retail chains out there!  It sells a variety of products for its customers! From groceries to gadgets, you have various things and options to choose from! 

But do they rent items like carpet cleaners too? Carpet cleaners are products specially designed or created for cleaning carpets and removing unwanted stains.

You can easily get these products at Target! However, in order to get them, you have to buy them as renting facilities for these products are not provided! 

Target doesn’t rent carpet cleaners! Why? 

The only reason why a big store like Target might not want to rent out these items is probably to convince their customers into purchasing them!  

If they don’t keep it on rent, customers might have to resort to buying them. Their range and variety at the store may even convince them more as these products can be used in both indoors as well as outside spaces! 

What Carpet Cleaners should I get? 

You can find Target’s carpet cleaning products on both online platforms as well as in-store! Target has a variety of them for the customers to choose from! Some may have specialised features and cleaning formulas. You can even find some branded carpet cleaning products like Hoover and Bissell.

Usually, while buying cleaning products at Target, you should majorly focus on where and how you are going to use the product. For example, if you just want to use it for cleaning the dust or dirt of your house, you may have to look specifically into those types that can help with this sort of cleaning. 

Similarly, if you are looking for carpet cleaning products that can do the cleaning of the whole house, you might have to specifically look for Target’s upright carpet cleaners as these have shampoo formula in them which helps in better cleaning and drying. 

If you are looking for carpet cleaners that can get through your corners and clean them,  then Target’s cordless cleaners might be the one for you! 

Talking about their quality, the products seem to have pretty good ratings and satisfying responses from customers. Hence, you might not face any issues with quality even after getting it online! 

Examples of Carpet Cleaners that can be bought from Target

Target sells a variety of these products. You can even get yourself from branded cleaners! However, as mentioned above it is necessary to choose the type of cleaner on the basis of how and what it cleans! 

Here are some of the top products that are sold at Target that you can consider getting:

Bissell pet stain remover 

Worried about not being able to clean small and compact areas and pet stains? Then cordless pet stains might be the perfect choice for you! The product is sold at nearly 85 dollars. 

Bissell TurboClean Pet Carpet

Another choice for pet owners who have to take up the loads of cleaning the mess their pets make! Bissell TurboClean has been specially designed to work on rugs and such messes!  It is a two-tank technology that is sold at 90 dollars (sale price) or 100 dollars (retail price).

Hoover SmartWash Automation carpet cleaner machine

This upright cleaning machine is one of the best sellers of Target with some amazing feedback from its users. What’s even better is that it is sold at nearly 26 dollars! 

If not Target, then where? 

Even though Target has a variety of carpet cleaners for sale, they, unfortunately, do not rent them! 

Carpet cleaning is not something one does very frequently, hence, its use duration is pretty limited, and to pay nearly 80 to 100 dollars for it might seem unreasonable for some.  

For those people, renting the product can be an option,  however, you cannot expect renting service provided at any Target store! It can seem disappointing but there is nothing to worry about as there are other stores that may provide renting services on these products! 

Let’s look into some of them-

  • Stores of Ace hardware offers renting services on both large as well as small carpet cleaners machines! So be it a spot treatment or whole house cleaning, you can easily choose any cleaner you like and get it rented! 

Renting price varies from machine to machine due to its features and shampoo use. However, the starting price can be expected to be around 29 to 30 dollars. 

  • Some other stores which rent carpet cleaners could be-
  1. Meijer,
  2. PetSmart,
  3. Lowe’s, 
  4. Menards,
  5. Dixie, and
  6. Some Walmart locations.


Target does sell amazing carpet cleaning products but unfortunately, they do not rent them but don’t worry as there are many other stores where you can get it rented and save yourself some bucks! 

You can look for stores like Ace hardware and Lowe’s. They provide carpet cleaners on rent at affordable prices!

Does Target Rent Carpet Cleaners? – Know more

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