Usps Inclement Weather Policy-Know More

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Despite some pretty extreme conditions, the United States Postal Service is as dependable as a Ford F-150. They continue to deliver messages through the worst of them all. 

Usps Inclement Weather Policy

The US Postal Service can be held up by particularly bad weather. However, it rarely happens, and it is usually triggered by an “act of God.”


United States Postal Service, an independent agency of the federal government, is responsible for processing and delivering postal services within the United States, including its insular areas and associated states. As one of the few government agencies, it is expressly authorized by the U.S. Constitution.  Approximately 516,636 career USPS employees and 136,531 non-career employees work for the USPS in 2021.

Within the United States, the US Postal Service has exclusive rights to deliver “letters” and is subject to the United States Postal Service’s Universal Service obligation (USO). 

Private package delivery services such as FedEx, UPS, and Amazon are not competing with the Post Office at all, as they have exclusive access to letterboxes marked “US Mail” and personal letterboxes in the United States. 

Mail Delivery During Snow

There are no requirements for carriers to deliver to locations with safety concerns, such as animals with a dangerous attitude, slippery steps, snow-packed pathways, or overhangs with icicles.

If a large snowstorm blanketed a region, that could potentially put the lives of hundreds or even thousands of mail carriers at risk. You should dig out your mailbox after a significant snow event, as well as clear the top of the snow, so you can receive mail. 

It Is important that your mailbox is close to your house, perhaps at the front door or attached, that the path is clear and free of ice. If someone falls on a large icicle, they may become unconscious, so make sure it is cleared.

Mail Delivery During Rain

You don’t need to worry if there is a little rain or even a lot, as USPS will remain open. If you’re expecting a large package that won’t fit into your mailbox, you can plan by reading USPS Delivery Instructions before it is sent out for delivery. You can also ask the Post Office to hold it at your address or place it in an area where it won’t be damaged by rain.

Note:- In a state of emergency. USPS may temporarily stop delivering mail when a state of emergency is declared, but rest assured that they will resume delivery as soon as possible.

Conditions in which there are No Delivery Services offered

While employees of the United States Postal Service can refuse to work during historically bad weather, the Postal Service is likely to stop delivering mail by itself during such a situation. 

It has been reported on that employees may call 877 to request unscheduled leave due to severe weather.

The mailman could use your help:

In winter weather, even in extreme conditions, it is the customers’ responsibility to ensure that the mail is delivered safely. Here are mentioned some of the steps to follow to make sure the safety of the delivery man –

Make sure there is a clear pathway to your front door, which means that the snow must be cleared by you from the pathway. Doing this will help the mailman to deliver the mail without any difficulty. 

Steps and walkways should be treated with salt or ice melt to ensure they are not slippery.

Drive-up mailboxes require your driver to shovel six feet out, so they can drop off your mail without having to get out of the car. 

Mail Delivery Methods Other Than the Postal Service

Mail delivery service can be delayed or halted by the USPS only as a last resort in situations where carriers can’t safely deliver mail. In case you cannot remove ice or snow from your mailbox to allow mail carriers to reach your box, the post office can offer you alternative methods for getting your mail. 

Alternatively, the USPS suggests that you arrange to have your mail picked up by a neighbor.

Another way you can do this is you should set up a temporary mailbox.

You can even arrive at your box and meet the courier, which would make it easy for both the mailman and the receiver during bad conditions. 

Visiting your local Post Office to pick up your mail is the best way one can use it during unusual weather. 


While the United States Postal Service is almost superhuman at reaching every residence in the country with mail delivery, there are times – and very rarely – when the weather prevents them from accomplishing this.

If inclement weather or poor road conditions prevent your mail carrier from going out, he or she will be evaluated to ensure their safety. Your mail carrier will be out as soon as possible once the weather or road conditions improve sufficiently.

Usps Inclement Weather Policy-Know More

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