Very Student Discount

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Very is a well-known online UK-based e-commerce retailer. Existing since 2009, the retailer has satisfied its customers with clothing, home accessories, toys, and many such products. 

Very Student Discount

Their items scream worth a try but can someone like a student buy them? Do they provide offers like student discounts? Let’s find out! 

Is there any student discount at Very?

Very has existed in the e-commerce market for more than a decade and has tried its best at providing its customers with good offers! But do they provide special discounts specifically for students? 

Unfortunately, the answer to this would be no! Currently, Very is not providing any student discount. However, despite this, there are many ways through which you can save some bucks here!! 

Discount codes at Very! 

As mentioned above, as of now, there is no special student discount or anything like that available at Very. But students can still get their hands on some big discounts by using their promo codes!! 

These codes are released for everyone throughout the year! Hence, even students can get a hand on it!  

Not just that, as these codes are applicable for all, they do not require any proof like NUS Id to prove your status as a student! 

All you have to do is shop on their site and while checking out mention the discount code that you have been provided with Your discount will be considered on your purchase accordingly.

What are the deals that these discount codes offer

There are many deals that one can expect while using these promo or discount codes at Very! Some of the benefits that some Very codes provide are:

  • Free delivery codes
  • Codes that will let you get everything at 20% off
  • Codes that provide an extra 25% off on sale items
  • 50% off in the Very clearance sale
  • Free click and collect delivery
  • 20% off Very voucher code

Sales on special occasions at Very

Apart from discount codes that are available throughout the year, students can even get their hands on amazing sales and discounts on special occasions!

Some of them are mentioned below:

Black Friday sales at Very

It won’t be wrong to say that Very really goes on another level with their offers on black Friday. They usually do have some great offers throughout the year but the Black Friday sales are not something to be missed! 

A lot of the products here at that time would be at 50% off or more. Hence, marking these dates for shopping at Very sounds like a perfect plan! 

Christmas, New Year, and Boxing Day sales

Around Christmas time, Very makes sure to have some amazing offers up their sleeves! These offers usually start before the 25th of December. Hence, one should keep their eyes on the best deals during this time to get amazing home accessories and decorations.

Even though there are some really good offers during Christmas time, the fun doesn’t just end there! There are even further discounts and reductions on boxing days and new year making it a perfect time to buy your purchases at great and affordable prices! 

Spring and Easter Sales

Around March, Very has their spring mid-season sales and Easter sales. This time can also be a good catch for some purchases as there is a 50% off discount for selected items and 20% off on sale items. 

In short, there is a chance of you getting nearly 70% on some items which is not a bad deal! 

Summer Sales

For some students, summers can be a great time to lose some sweat and save some bucks at Very! There are some big reductions in their product prices! At times, they even have an extra 20% off promo code which could be a good deal for some students! 

Do schemes for student discounts work at Very?

Discounting is a trick that almost every other business uses these days! Hence, finding the right and most beneficial Deals among hundreds of offers might be a bit tricky for some customers! Even in Very the condition might be the same! 

In the UK, NUS, Unidays, and Student beans seem like big schemes for students but are they available at Very? 

Well, unfortunately, none of these schemes are offered by Very. This could be a huge drawback for students who could have otherwise saved a good amount of money! 

However, there are still many ways in the form of sales and offers that were mentioned above through which not just students but everyone can save something from their pockets while purchasing at Very! 


Very is an online retailer that has existed in the e-commerce market for more than a decade. They sell a variety of amazing clothing, home accessories, toys, and many such products. But do they provide any sort of discount, especially for students? 

Unfortunately, they do not provide any kind of student discount as of now but they do have some amazing sales and offers throughout the year which can save students some bucks! 

Very Student Discount

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