What time does Wetherspoon Serve Lunch?

If you want to have lunch at Wetherspoon, whether it is a business meeting with someone or a time alone, just you and your food, let’s here know ‘What time does Wetherspoon Serve Lunch?’.

What time does Wetherspoon Serve Lunch?

What time does Wetherspoon Serve Lunch?

To be prompt as ever then you have to be at the venue at 11:30 am because that is the time Wetherspoon serves lunch. Lunch comes right after breakfast at 11:30 am.

Although Wetherspoons is popular for its scrumptious breakfast which includes English meals such as Beacon Sarnie or the pancakes, lunch is also an important aspect where it shows its culinary strength thus, at 11:30 am lunch is served till 11:00 pm when it stops serving food for the day. It is pertinent to note that timing is depending on which local one is.

Wetherspoons: an Overview

Wetherspoons, colloquially called “Spoons”, was founded in 1979 by Tim Martins in Watford and has over 900 branches in the United Kingdom, which has over time built a strong presence as one of the people’s favorite hotels. It also operates in Ireland. It is a Pub company known for converting conventional premises such as former banks and cinemas into pubs. Although it is restricted in some places such as Scotland, it delivers food and drinks to places where it is not restricted. Wetherspoons has been listed on the London Stock exchange as its constituent of the “FTSE 250 index”.

What are the items available on Wetherspoons Menu?

The meals comprise a plethora of delicacies, healthy and sumptuous meals yet at affordable prices. From Christmas pudding to turkey pies, Wetherspoons offer your favorite foods. The menu is categorized into different sections. Here are some of the categories and at least two options in them. Small plate (Chicken breast bites, butternut squash soup), Sharers (Weatherspoon’s sharer and large nachos), Salads and Pasta (Superfood pasta, British beef lasagne), Burritos (Burrito, Naked Burrito), Deli Deals (Jacket Potatoes with beans, Jacket Potatoes with Cheese), Dessert (Millionaire Sundae, Knickerbocker Glory). Etc. 

What are the Prices of food at Wetherspoons?

Spoons sell their food for an irresistible cost. Compared to other places there is a little difference in the amount of food at the pub. The lowest amount of food sold at Wetherspoons is between £0.95 and £2, depending on the quantity you want to buy. Meanwhile, the highest price of food sold at Wetherspoons is £12.35.

Why is Wetherspoons Unique?

There are so many reasons Wetherspoons is unique which accounts for its growth for years now. I will be sharing some of them below.

An active kitchen:

We call their kitchen active due to its efficiency in tending to the needs of customers when it comes to meals. Chefs are expecting to get an order ready 10mins after it has been made, which can be rated as almost 99% fast. One of its advantages is serving breakfast early, this way they always give freshly cooked food.

Cheap drinks:

Wetherspoons offer its customers the option to save on their spending when they patronize its pubs rather than go outside. Drinks are affordable at Wetherspoons compared to other brands.

Making you spend more:

In this case, they leverage psychology to make their customers want to spend more. For instance; bartenders ask “double or single” rather than “single or double”, this way the first word sticks to a customer’s head which makes them say the first.

Dress code:

Some people have often wondered what the dress code at Wetherspoons is. On the website of Spoons, it is clearly stated that everyone must be modestly dressed, removal of clothes or footwear is disallowed. So customers are advised to come well clothed without exposing any sensitive part of their body.


If you are looking for one of the best places to have a good meal at whatever time of the day, then you should think of Wetherspoons. From breakfast to a full-day meal, it is all covered, even with a low budget. 


What Time Does Wetherspoons Stop Serving Foods?

Spoons are known for ending their food service for the day at 11 pm. It is different for different pubs as some may decide to stop earlier or later than the time. 

Food begins from 8:00 am when breakfast is served, and it till 11:00 am when immediately lunch or the main menu for the day begin till closing time at 11:00 pm. However, as earlier stated, it is heavily dependent on the location of the pub.

What Days are the Wetherspoons club?

Wetherspoons club days are Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. And it serves special offers on these different club nights of the week, these special offers are available on themed nights. Customers leverage on saving extra cash on ordering themed night special dishes. These themed nights are; Steak clubs ( every Tuesday), Curry Club (every Thursday), and Fish Friday (every Friday).

What is Wetherspoons Sunday Brunch like? 

The Sunday brunch differs from the regular weekday menu. Spoons Sunday brunch is usually alluring with plenty of options that you don’t have to spend a fortune on, it is rich but affordable.  The menu includes varieties of delicacies such as American-styled Pancakes, Greek yogurt with fresh fruit, creamed cheese, and rocket bagel, and full English. Vegetarians are not left out on this too as there are varieties to suit their dietary needs. Finally, brunch options are served all day until 11:00 pm.

What time does Wetherspoon Serve Lunch?

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